Letters to the Editor — March 24, 2017

LBWC seeking new members


The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club was started by a small group of very insightful women in 1934. These women were service-minded and dedicated to their community. Today, the club has over 100 members.

We are very proud that, over the past five years, we have awarded scholarships to Indian River High School and Sussex Technical High School students totaling approximately $30,000. Our members are also very involved in many other community activities, such as support of the local Food Bank, the local Habitat for Humanity chapter, the Wounded Warrior Project, the Inland Bays Project, and Adopt-A-Highway.

In addition, we provide support in various ways to three local elementary schools. Several times a year, the club sponsors social trips to places like the Harrington Casino, Clear Space and Possum Point theaters, and the Philadelphia Flower Show.

What we need now is a few more like-minded women, that are dedicated to community service, to join us. The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club meets the third Monday of each month (except for July and August) for a luncheon meeting at the Cripple Creek Golf & Country Club. Our last appeal for members resulted in 12 wonderful women. If you are interested in joining our Club, please contact us at lordbaltimorewc@gmail.com. We look forward to having you join us!

Lord Baltimore Women’s Club

Author offers correction, thanks


Although I’m very grateful for Laura Walter’s bang-up review of my book (Entertainment, March 17, Volume 14, Issue 11), I would like to point out that the headline is incorrect. The title of the book is “Third Haven, A Novel of Deceit,” not “Third Heaven.” While I did see the white light a few years back in a near death experience, that doesn’t qualify me for any special knowledge of heaven. I think it best I leave that to the professionals.

I also want to extend my thanks to Gina and Tony Hall at Energy Gym for hosting a very successful book signing and to Denise Donahue of Cakes by the Ocean for the decadent cupcakes she supplied. Rena Jackson rocks as a marketing specialist. Dorsey and Tom, thanks for your help supplying and setting up those wipeout White Russians. But most of all, thanks to all my readers and your fantastic reception and support of “Third Haven.” Keep reading. More to come!

B.B. Shamp


Reader fears impact of regulations repeals


The letter to the editor by Pat Frey (March 17 Coastal Point) wisely warns about the intent of the current administration to scale back environmental protection. Repeal of EPA regulations will open the floodgates (literally) to unfettered release of more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Without regulations, the best way to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide is to gear up the communicative power of our free market economy. Citizens Climate Lobby, a non-partisan, non-profit organization, proposes a fee and dividend plan that adds market-based information into the real cost of burning fossil fuels. A fee is placed on carbon at the wellhead and mine.

To lower the consumer cost of such a plan, funds collected through the fee are returned to the families via a dividend. Energy providers and users looking toward the future are then encouraged to avoid gradually increasing fees by switching to clean sources of energy, such as solar and wind.

This market-based approach (replacing the loss of government regulation) can still reduce greenhouse gases and set an example for the rest of the world. Periodic and increasing nuisance flooding affecting so much of the Delmarva Peninsula may eventually become a bad memory.

Without such a long-term fix, we will forever need expensive local community and uncertain federal intervention to save our shorelines and marshes. I hope not to leave my grandchildren to such a fate.

Theodore Spickler