Letters to the Editor — March 10, 2016r

Sorority thankful for support with event


Thank you, thank you, thank you to the following community partners who supported Beta Sigma Phi-Alpha Alpha Chapter and our January Jam held at Mango’s in Bethany.

Our annual fundraiser was a huge success because of the following businesses’ generosity and community support. Thank you: Mango’s, Hooked Up Restaurant Group, Phillips Restaurant, DiFebo’s restaurant, Pin Up Girls Salon, One-Coastal Restaurant, Melissa Hocker and Hocker’s Grocery, Lighthouse Liquors, Dave and Barb Devine, McCabe’s Gourmet, Village Gallery, Surf’s Edge, Cactus Café, Oceanova Spa, Oasis Healing Center, Miller’s Creek, Denise Beam—State Farm, Crazy Ladies and, of course, all who attended and supported our efforts.

Every single cent that was raised that evening goes back into our community to help those in need.

Cheryl Carey, President

Alpha Alpha Chapter, Beta Sigma Phi

Reader ponders ‘Native’ versus ‘Not a native’


“G’day mate,” “How u doing,” “Hey, you’all” are regional greetings that are commonly heard in Sussex County. They are friendly terms, in some cases rhetorical and in some cases inviting conversation. Twenty years ago in Sussex, they would have sounded strange in general use, but such are the tides of our language. Words and phrases come and go, some easily and some not so easily.

As a Sussex County homeowner for 20 years, when new people move in, to me they are neighbors, hopefully friends, and most importantly, they now have roots in Sussex County. The mental view that they are “not natives” is not hard-wired into my brain. Length of residence simply provides me no reference point in terms of the kind of people they are.

But some folks in this area should step back and take a hard look at the use of the phrase “not a native.” Intended or not, “not a native” has a sting to it. Of course, the phrase starting with a negative suggests a deficiency, a missing character trait, in a “Twilight Zone” kind of way. At the celebration of Joan Deaver’s eight years of service to the County in December 2016, Councilman George Cole referenced in his published remarks that Joan was “not a native.” (See Coastal Point, Dec. 9, 2016.)

Take a moment to reflect on the meaning of “not a native.” It conveys the message that there is something a person spoken to “does not know” or “does not understand.” Perhaps a social excuse is being offered.

All too often, however, when it has been applied to me personally, the subject raised has been better roads, better schools, public sewer and water utilities, a fairer system of taxation (yes, that means more), adequate police protection and full-time professional fire services, which as a non-native I have shamefully become accustomed to through the use of public funds.

It is not unusual for a response to be: “Well, you are not a native, are you?” Surprisingly, the person addressing me actually agrees with what I have said. Their use of “not a native” carries a meaning there is little hope of receiving public services in Sussex County that are routine in other developed area of Delaware and nearby states.

Of course, when the response to my comment carries a demeaning tone, I simply say to myself “Well, that person is a native” and regrettably not accustomed to such largess in daily life.

My invitation here is for Councilman George (Native) Cole to sit down with Supervisor Rob (Not a Native) Arlett to find a way properly to serve the needs of all residents of Sussex County, including the thousands who have moved here since 2000.

My humble guess is that the taxes raised from non-natives in Sussex County far exceeds taxes from natives, many of whom benefit from generous “grandfathered” property assessments. Isn’t it time Sussex County started providing services which are provided as a matter of routine daily life to residents of New Castle County, Montgomery County and Fairfax County?

James Angus and Cathy Angus


Soccer boosters grateful for support


The Indian River High School boys and girls Soccer Boosters would like to thank the members of our great community for your contributions and support of our program Feb. 11, as we held our first annual Mixer fundraiser.

It was a great night with a great group of people who raised funds to provide assistance to our boys’ and girls’ soccer teams in their quest for continued success.

Congratulations to Howard Gerken, Chris Conover and Josh Mercer, as they were named as the first inductees into the Indian River High School Soccer Hall of Fame.

We are so appreciative to everyone who helped to organize this annual fundraiser.

We would also like to extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to the following businesses who so generously donated auction items and/or services to our event: Al Casapulla’s Subs, Steaks & Pizza; Atlantic Shoals Surf Shop; Avon-Shantina Jones; Bayside Liquiors; Big Fish Grill; Blue Sky Management; Cactus Café; Chris White—State Farm Insurance; Clarksville Auto Plus & Marine; Country Side Café; Crab Bag—Ocean City; Creative Complements by Michele Webster; Creative Day Spa—Ocean City; Dannett Mumford—Thirty One; Doyle’s; Em-Ings; Fenwick Crab House; Fisher’s Popcorn; Float-ors; Fox’s Pizza; Georgia House; Hammerheads—Dewey Beach; Hasbro-Camrin Croney; Hocker’s; Hooked Up Restaurants; Jane’s Reliables; Kathy Cramer of Vickie York Reality; Kendall Furniture Fenwick Island; La Sierra; Linvilla of Delaware County, Pa.; Lombardi’s; Lord’s Landscaping; Lost Treasure Mini Golf; Marina Felch-Art Work; Marsha White-Crowley Real Estate & Associates; Mary Kay—Tammy Mitchell; McCabe’s Gourmet Market; Millville Pet Shop; Mio Fratello; Nails Spa—Selbyville; Oceanova Spa; Pamela Ryer—Longaberger Baskets; Pam Webb—Longaberger Baskets; Primos Hoagies; Red Rooster; River Soccer Club; Rommel’s Ace Hardware—Selbyville; Roots; Ropewalk; Rosenfeld’s Jewish Delicatessen; Salted Vines (Fenwick Cellars); Scott & Shuman—Billy Scott; Sea Colony Fitness Center; Sean Lewis—Personal Training; Shine by the Sea; Smitty McGee’s; Southern Exposure; Sun & Surf Movie Theater; Tequilla Mockingbird; the Used Car Factory; Tide Pool Toys & Games; Todd Fuhrmann; Treasure Island; Wags to Riches.

Thank you again, and we hope to see you next year!

Indian River High School

Soccer Booster Club