Editorial — Community again shines in Night to Shine event

As an NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow makes for a fantastic humanitarian.

We joke about Tebow’s quarterbacking prowess, obviously, as anybody with the ability to make it into that league and experience any kind of success is obviously far superior of an athlete than 99.9 percent of the free world. What can’t be joked about, however, is Tebow’s commitment to helping young people of all shapes, sizes and abilities.

We got to see a little bit of Tebow’s good works this past weekend with the Night to Shine event at Ocean View Church of Christ. Night to Shine is a program sponsored by The Tim Tebow Foundation to “provide an unforgettable prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs ages 14 and older.”

The worldwide event was held on Friday, Feb. 10, at 375 churches around the world, hosting 75,000 honored guests, aided through the support of 150,000 volunteers. This is not a small effort, and, once again, members of our community jumped in to help in a major way.

Local photographer Sam Ellis put on a temporary paparazzo hat to take photos of the honored guests as they arrived, the boys received shoeshines when they entered, while the girls were received by two beauticians and four volunteers, and Ocean View police had a uniformed officer on hand, while two EMTs from the Millville Volunteer Fire Company were present. Millers Creek, Perfect Furnishings and Bethany Resort Furnishings also provided items to the event at no cost so families of the guests would have a comfortable place to wait.


Ocean View Church of Christ pastor Gregg Wilgus also said that the church actually had to cut off volunteers because so many people wanted to help.

“When it comes right down to it, I think it’s putting your money where your mouth is,” said Wilgus. “If the church — I’m speaking about the church universal, worldwide — believes that all life has value regardless of the circumstances in their life, then we should be doing something that says we feel that way.”

Tremendous effort, to all who participated.