Steele the right person to steer IRSD for now

Susan Bunting has now officially been confirmed as the new Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education, leaving behind a little bit of work to do in the Indian River School District.

There is an upcoming referendum — a reboot of a narrowly-defeated referendum last November. There will be cuts to consider, even if the District does win the next referendum. And there is unprecedented growth in the student population. It’s a lot on the plate, particularly for a school district that just lost its superintendent.

Fortunately for the Indian River School District, the keys have been temporarily handed to a steady figure within the District and community — former assistant superintendent and 14-year principal of Indian River High School, Mark Steele.

Steele is serving as acting superintendent until June 30, when presumably a new full-time superintendent would be selected. We honestly have no idea if Steele is in the running for that position, or if he’s even interested in pursuing it, but it appears to us he is the right man at the right time for the District.

There’s no telling what will happen with the March referendum, or whatever cuts will be needed with or without the vote. However, what the District needed right now, after Bunting’s departure, was some consistency with their message and a known face to lead their efforts.

We don’t know if Steele will continue past June. We don’t know what the voters will decide in March. And we don’t even know if Steele will be good in this role. But it looks like the right move to us.