Letters to the Editor — January 20, 2016

IRSD sends letter to fire company

Editor’s note: At its special meeting on Jan. 18, the Indian River Board of Education voted 9-0-1 (Board Member Leolga Wright abstaining) to send the following letter to the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company. It was also sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

First, we would like to thank you for your commendable service to the community. We deeply appreciate the emergency assistance you voluntarily provide to the IRSD students and their families who live in the area served by the Indian River Volunteer Fire Co. Inc.

As you are surely aware, the Auditor of Accounts (“AOA”) for the State of Delaware performed a recent Special Investigation Audit (“Audit”) of the Indian River School District (“District”) dated Nov. 17, 2016. The Audit determined that the District paid the Indian River Volunteer Fire Co. (“IRVFC”) $19,500 for an all-terrain vehicle (“ATV”).

IRVFC purchased the ATV in June 2015 for $14,500. IRVFC paid $435.00 to a signage company to customize the ATV with the Sussex Central High School logo and school colors. The District then purchased the ATV from IRVFC for $19,500 in July 2015. This yielded a net profit to IRVFC in the amount of $4,565.00.

Given the readily apparent conflicts of interest between a decision-maker involved in this transaction at IRVFC and the District, it is clear IRVFC unfairly profited from this transaction.

Additionally, the Audit also suggests an overhead projector purchased by the District for $339.98 is being utilized at IRVFC. Consequently, the District is requesting reimbursement for the above-mentioned in the amount of $4,904.98.

We look forward to resolving these issues amicably.

Your response and/or reimbursement is requested no later than Jan. 31, 2017, at which time this matter will be turned over to the District’s attorneys. … (Due to Mrs. Wright’s membership on both the Indian River Board of Education and in the Indian River Volunteer Fire Company, she has chosen to abstain.)

Charles Bireley, Rodney Layfield, Scott Collins, James Fritz, Donald Hattier,

Douglas Hudson, James Hudson,

Gerald Peden, Heather Statler

Indian River School District

Board of Education

Reader concerned with start of term


Trump’s choice of multimillionaires and billionaires for important positions in his administration, people with little or no public service experience but a lot of experience in the accumulation of private wealth, is a dangerous sign.

There’s a lot of money in public services like Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and public education. This makes them very attractive targets for private takeover.

One of the primary goals of private enterprise is the maximization of profit. Unfortunately, this often happens at the expense of labor and/or the quality of the finished product.

The profit motive runs counter to the goals of public service. I don’t think Mr. Trump knows or appreciates the difference.

Michael Lawton

Ocean View

Ravens Roost thankful for support


OC Ravens Roost 44 would like to thank all of those that contributed to the RR44 Penguin Swim Team’s efforts to raise money for the AGH Penguin Swim. Thanks to family, friends and local business, including the following, the team was able to raise over $13,450 for our local hospital:

Buddy Trala at Sunset Grill, Wax on Wheels, Katherine Mally, Joe at The Shrimp Boat, The Cove at OPYC, MR Ducks, Lee Sparks, Bob Dancheck, Don McMullen, Duane Geruschart, George Economas, Ed Schillo, Leo Winterling, Ken & Sandy Tarras, OC Elks Lodge #2645, Bob & Mary Kendall, Colby at OP Aquatics, Jim Manfuso, Pitt Stop Beer & Wine, Jamie Kormann, Herb Roe, Bob Rose, Dennis & Joanne Faber, Bayside Wines & Spirits, Martha Worthington, Mia Fratello’s, Harpoon Hanna’s, Marc Grimes, Michael Grimes, Patti Grimes, Bernie Stasuli, Thomas Atkins, Danielle Betkey, Sharyn O’Hare, John Carpenter, Frank Hoeckel, Rich & Irene Hansen, Lisa Kielian, Paul Dorr, Donald Hayes, Wes Guckert, Susan Brown, Ronald Skon, Ellen Hause, Joe & Helen Kelly, Patrick Neal, Ron & Beatty Apperson, Nicki Swann, Trish Neal, Peggy Atkins, Antonia Mattia, Judy Evans, Jamie & Jeff Kormann , Osa Brand, Joe Faber, Len & Jean Hecker, Dick LeFaive, W. Magnum, Joan Grim, Mary Stover, Bev & Ray Wall, Kay Gibbons, Jackie Landon, Ken & Nancy Smedley, Darlene Murphy, Erik Skon, Elain Craft, Nelson & Seana Coffin, Joanne Faber, Dennis & Barbara Knickman, Sally Nesbitt, Katherine Matthews, Lary Miller, Danny & Carol Scott, Lee Sparks, Clarke & Phyllis Bowie, Ruth & Igor Gawryluk, Bob Barrett, Barry & Deb Mederrick, Bill & Diane Butler, OC Fish Company, Francine Brownley, Carol & Tom Terry, Ron & Barbara Ferger, Deb & Vernon Betkey, Vickie Graham, Bob & Sharon Griebe, Gay Pitz, John & Louise Bradford, Ron Rider, Nelson & June Kelly, John Bower, Richard & Janet Witte, Susan Sewell, Daryl Carpenter, Janet & Leroy Zeigler, Sharon Trace, Henry Dennig, Lew & Sue Welsch, Bill & Mary Wentworth, Flea Daly, Donna & Bill Croff, Tom & Nancy Svehla, Robert Rose, John & Betsy Hershner, Boyd Etter, Stuart & Nina Rosenzwog, Leroy & Beatrice Horn, Cheryl Jacobs, Gary Deutsch, Ron & Fran Mcfarland, Kathleen Alfano, Frankie & Pete Gomsak, Jim & JEanne Freeman, Martha Jane Furma, Bob & Bev Simpkins, Robin Wolinski, Tony, Kelly, Callie & Charlie Cordwell, Giuseppe & Sharon Biancaniello, Eric Waterman, Tony Kidwell, Tom & Tary Dalpini, Russ & Anita Roberts, Ian Cordwell, Kevis Hughes, Martin Baer, Carol Baer, Jan & Diane Castner, George & Linda Johnson, Don & Marilyn Kays, George & Judy Hubbard, Butch & Kathy Cordwell, Peggy O’Malley, Phil & Charlotte Fisher, Tim wilson, Red Sun Custom Apparel , Headlines Salon, OC Floor Gallery, Paws & Claws, The Cove at Bayside, Burley Oak Brewing, Fraternal Order of Police Bethany Beach Lodge #16, The Carl M. Freeman Foundation, International Police Association DelMarVa Region 58, East Sussex Moose Lodge #2542, Brandywine Senior Living at Fenwick Island, Carl M. Freeman Foundation, OC Vietnam Vets of America Chapter 1091; and The Team; Rob Carpenter, John Worthington, Tom Maly, Larry Gerst, Paul Neal, Bill Cordwell, Tony Chaplinski, Dennis Faber, Joanne Faber, Tim Mcfarland, Mitch Hooper, Maggie Miller and Gary Miller.

Ravens Roost 44

Penguin Swim Team

Women’s club thankful for support


The General Federation of Women’s Club DSFWC Zwaanendael Women’s Club of Lewes would like to thank the following for a successful Christmas Raffle held at the Lewes Historical Society.

First, to thank Terry Yates for organizing this event.

The following donated gifts and gift certificates for this event: Blooming Boutique, Coral Cove, Crooked Hammock, Deanna, Best Office Pros, Gregory Meyer’s Hair Studio, Irish Eyes—Lewes, Kid’s Ketch, K&S Nails & Spa, Marsha’s, Mayumi, Notting Hill, Sand & Stones, State Farm Insurance, Stepping Stone, Striper Bites restaurant, Made Ya Look, Teller Wines, Touch of Italy, Twila Farrell and Vernon Powell.

Also, members and friends of the Zwaanendael Women’s Club: B.J. Young, Maggie Bauducco, Eva DuPont, Laura McGrew, Adriene Ponzini, Irene Robertson, Kathy Cochran, Dottie Pepe, Inge Gallagher, Terry Yates and Pat Zisa, and the Lewes Historical Society.

Thank you again to all who supported us and support us through the year.

Muriel Pfeiffer, President

Zwaanendael Women’s Club of Lewes