Letters to the Editor — December 30, 2016

Readers overwhelmed with gravel


My husband and I live on Blackwater Road in Frankford. We have lived here since 2007. We enjoy our home, our neighborhood and the beauty of Sussex County. Life is good. We believe in being positive and usually look forward to improvements in our area.

A couple of months ago, Blackwater Road was repaved from Omar Road to Burton Farm Road. The procedure took about two days and consisted of the laying down of oil or asphalt with an application of gravel — lots of gravel. The gravel was smoothed down with rollers. All of this sounds fine and normal, but the end result is a mess. I cannot think of a better word to describe the condition of Blackwater Road.

After two months of traffic and weather, there are still piles of gravel at the side of the road. There is gravel in everyone’s driveway. There is gravel in everyone’s lawn and you can find gravel in your yard up to 20 feet from the edge of the road. This makes mowing the lawn difficult. Walking a dog along the side of the road is treacherous and riding a bicycle is downright dangerous.

The intersection of Blackwater Road and Burbage Road is already a trouble spot because motorists cannot seem to grasp the idea that this is NOT a four-way stop. Now, the piles of gravel make stopping quickly even more difficult. The excess gravel makes the road very slick. I recently saw a neighbor removing excess gravel from the roadway at this intersection. I often see neighbors shoveling excess gravel from their driveways.

When the paving project began, we thought that it would be an improvement. Instead it has caused several dangerous hazards. We believe that this project was not only a waste of time and money, buy also an example of poor planning and shoddy workmanship. Who made the decision to use asphalt or oil in an excess of gravel instead of repaving the road?

I am forwarding a copy of this letter to DelDOT in hopes that it reaches a responsible employee who will take action to make sure that other road surfaces in the county do not receive the same ineffective and hazardous treatment which will cause problems for other residents of this county.

Robert and Christine Limerick