Let’s remember our brave defenders this holiday

The buying is done (hopefully).

As is the wrapping (hopefully).

You’ve traveled to where you are going and you’re all ready to just kick back and enjoy the holiday (hopefully).

Yes, Christmas is now upon us, and Chanukah is starting the very same day. It is officially safe to say we have arrived at the holidays.

Though it can be an uphill battle thanks to stress, family and family stress — find some time to smell the proverbial roses. If this is indeed the most magical time of the year, don’t you owe it to yourself — and those around you — to find a little bit of that magic around you?

It’s Christmas. It’s Chanukah. Enjoy it.

But we ask that you take one moment out of the unwrapping and eating and general relaxing in the aftermath to remember those who are not home with their loved ones — those brave men and women who willingly put their names to paper and their lives on the line to defend us in places near and far.

It’s hard for anyone to be away from home for the holidays, regardless the circumstances. Add in the extra elements that accompany a deployment, and you can see how that can be an extremely stressful situation for the men and women of our armed forces.

The staff of the Coastal Point wishes each and every one of you a happy holiday.