Letters to the Editor — December 23, 2016

Dagsboro parade a hit, thanks to many


On behalf of the Dagsboro Christmas Parade Committee, I would like to take a few moments to thank the following people and businesses for their support of the third annual Town of Dagsboro Christmas Parade:

Thank you to our parade sponsors: Mediacom, Dagsboro Paint & Wallpaper and Jayne’s Reliable. Thanks as well to the Bank of Delmarva for their donation, and thank you to Iron Source of Georgetown for their support.

Thank you to the Dagsboro police and fire departments, and to our local fire police for their invaluable assistance in traffic management on parade night.

Thank you to Mr. Ernie Marvel, this year’s grand marshal — it was our honor to have you in our parade! Thanks to all the parade entries for coming out and participating, and a big thank-you to everyone who came out on a frigid night to enjoy this year’s Dagsboro Christmas Parade!

This year’s Parade Committee included: Dagsboro Police Chief Floyd Toomey, Town Administrator Cindi Brought, and Bryan and Melissa Townsend of the Dagsboro fire department.

Merry Christmas, and see everyone next year for the fourth Annual Dagsboro Christmas Parade!

Brian Baull, Chairman

Dagsboro Christmas Parade

Reader reminds us of true Christmas spirit


When I came home a few nights ago, I happened to glace at a paper on the table. It was an article that was written by a doctor of science, a very intelligent man. He told his version of creation. He told of an amoeba crawling out of the ocean, and this, he explained, was how we eventually evolved into the humans that we are today. Many other scientists believe this version of creation.

Now, believe, me, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Yet, as dumb as I may be, when I see the sun rise or the sun set, or just look at the intricate way my body functions, I cannot believe I am just an entity that crawled out of the ocean.

This time of year, this wonderful time of year when we become closer to Jesus, we also hear the story many times of Jesus being humbly born in a manger. This brings us back to the story of God creating us in his own image. Wouldn’t it be great if we felt as close to God and his son as we do during this wonderful season. There would be no question of creation. We should wrap our thoughts of love and forgiveness around this warm, loving season, just as we wrap our presents with love to the ones we love.

Jesus is the reason for the season, but we shouldn’t need a season to love and adore him. When the time comes, when we don’t need a special season, then the world will become a special season for all.

Herb Fogleman

Ocean View

Hattier responds to talk about school district


I apologize for the length of my letters, but with all of the charges being made there is no short version that would handle the information needed.

This letter is in response to your recent letter by another member of the community. In this letter, he made several claims that, frankly, need debunking. I might also add that had this person attended any of the many finance, buildings and grounds, long-term planning or any of our many committee meetings over the last year and a half, he would be better informed.

First, let us do some basics. The only time an administrator in any district has access to First State Financial is when they have a direct budget to work with. Neither Dr. Bunting nor the assistant superintendents have a budget; therefore, no access to the data, opportunities to review actions, etc. This is by state statute. Even though Dr. Bunting is physically close to the CFO’s office, she had no way review the actions of the CFO on her own without requesting help from guess who? The CFO. Same for the board. We have no direct access to any of this.

Dr. B, as well as the board, relies on an outside source to verify the accuracy of what happens. And that outside source is the Delaware state auditor’s office. For my 14 years on the board, we have had a clean bill of health each and every year. There was no reason to doubt what was happening, since we were assured by our state agency that things were good.

Given the overwhelming academic success of our district and the well-managed finances, considering we have added 194 teachers, 14 school constables and many upgrades without needing to go to the public, I, for one, feel that a proper job of educating and advocating for our kids was being done.

Until convicted, the CFO is innocent under our legal structure. If our former CFO played loose with the numbers, then, clearly, prosecution is in order. Had, at any time, the state auditor indicated we were doing something wrong, it would have immediately changed.

To suggest that, as a result of this, Dr. Bunting and the others should be dismissed is a gross injustice to the exceptional academic job that has been done by all of our staff over the last 10 years. To be named as one of four finalists in Superintendent of the Year doesn’t happen if you are a screw-up. I have five pages of significant academic winners in our district. To cashier someone over this is neither fair nor just. If you want a copy, call my office at 539-7063.

The writer makes a charge of racism. This is probably due to the recent lawsuit against the district and the Carver school. The record will clearly show that each and every child that goes there has a documented paper-trail many years long. That school is the end result when nothing else works. I am confident that this will ultimately be cleared. I feel confident that the IRSD judges kids and others by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, to steal a line from a famous American.

Nepotism? There is a cousin in the CFO’s office. The Owens Campus of Del Tech is named after Jack Owens, a notable educator. He was lucky enough to have all of his kids in education, doing extremely well for our students. Should none of them ever have had a chance because their dad was well-known?

This is Sussex County. The writer is an implant. He has few relatives here. Many people here are related by marriage, etc. Should they all be denied a job due to one family member? Or should we include them in a pool of qualified people and pick the best ones?

The audit hit the IRSD with many charges. Most revolved around the actions of the CFO. Had that CFO been audited properly by the state auditor, which is their responsibility, these issues would have been resolved a lot earlier. The other items are allegations that I don’t think will stand the test of time nor law. None of the CFO’s actions cost us anywhere near the money we need to continue educating the growing numbers of kids.

In the meantime, the swamp that the writer wants drained would effectively throw the baby out with the bath water. I continually ask those that don’t understand the need to please come and be a part of the committees that work to plan for the future. Regrettably, few of the district’s critics feel the need to be educated before commenting.

I am always available to answer questions from one board member’s perspective. Just call the office and I will get back to you.

In the meantime, Merry Christmas and a most blessed Holiday to all, however you may celebrate this Season of Joy.

Donald G. Hattier, Board Member

Indian River School District

Reader adds thoughts to cable situation


Ocean View must be in cahoots with Mediacom to allow Mediocre-com’s additional $2 surcharge. The $2 was hidden at the end of the lead-in article about the “Right of Way Plan being ready for review. Mediacom needs to vastly improve their marginal service to meet their premium prices. It is laughable that Mediacom has the gall to blame it on the customer’s old equipment when the gear is rented from Mediacom.

Tony Smith

Ocean View