Editorial – Thank you to all those who have supported us

Dear readers and advertisers,

It’s hard to know even where to start. Your support over the years has both blown us away, and allowed us to grow our staff exponentially. We have been able to increase our coverage and tackle new efforts, such as Explore Coastal Delaware and Delaware Seaside Bride — two products we truly believe provide a very-real benefit to the people of this community, and our many visitors.

You have sent us emails, called us or dropped off hand-written pieces of paper with information we can share with our other readers, or given us tips on stories to chase. You have placed your faith in us as a vessel to carry your advertising messages, and provided gift certificates to us so we could host contests online.

It is an honor to cover this unique area on a weekly (and now, more than ever before, daily) basis, and a significant reason for that is because of you, the individuals who make up this community. You have shown us loyalty, faith and camraderie over the years, and it is a true pleasure to be your source of information.

You have offered us criticism, suggestions and fresh ideas — helping us grow both as a newspaper and as a contributing member of the area we all love so very much.

So, thank you.

Thank you for all you have done for us over the years, and thank you for all you continue to do today.

— Susan, Darin and the staff of the Coastal Point