Editorial – November offers some of the best we have

There would be no need for polling to determine that fall is the season of choice for many people who live in this community.

To be fair, it is early fall that claims the most adoration — the weather is still warm, you can go to the beach without much traffic on the roads or sand, etc. But let us put forward a notion about how November, particularly in election years, is a truly marvelous time of the year in our oasis by the shore.

For starters, Return Day.

As we watch chaos and turmoil across these fruited plains — both before and after the election — there is some comfort in knowing that the candidates we consider to serve the people of Delaware descend on Georgetown after each election to bury the proverbial, and literal, hatchet. Since 1791, people have gathered at our county seat to hear the results of the election, and witness the candidates toss the rancor behind them to move forward with the business of the people.

Granted, we get results much faster now, but the spirit, and intent, of Return Day continues on today.

Another tradition that continues today is Mountaire’s Thanksgiving for Thousands. When it started two decades ago, Mountaire was able to put together about 30 boxes of holiday meals for families in need. Now, with a legacy in their grip and more contributions from the community, Mountaire and volunteers are planning on packing 8,500 boxes in Sussex County. That is having an impact on your community.

Embrace November — the most underrated month of the year.