Editorial – Recent burglaries should remind us to use care

The Ocean View Police Department (OVPD) reached out to us late last week to offer a bit of a public safety warning to residents, and we are happy they did.

According to OVPD, there was a rash of burglaries in early November, including 10 instances in two days of people entering unlocked cars at night, apparently searching for valuables.

The OVPD reaching out in this instance accomplishes two very practical things: It lets residents know the importance of locking up their cars, and it puts this rash of burglaries in everybody’s minds, increasing the chances that people will report suspicious activity happening if they happen to see it.

We get asked all the time why we didn’t cover something in particular, and often times our answer is simply that we didn’t know about it, or we don’t have enough people at specific times to get to things. We imagine the police go through the same thing — they often don’t know something is happening unless someone tells them, and they just don’t have enough people to be everywhere, at every moment.

This is a beautiful community, with relatively low crime. But, just like everywhere else, there are some bad apples, and some people who have been affected by drugs to the point where they make awful choices to support their problems.

Lock up your car doors. Lock up your homes. Report things that seem odd or out of place to the police. We all have to be in this together to make the world around us a better place.