Editorial – Cops & Goblins a true highlight of fall season

The fall has truly turned into the season of great local events.

From arts and crafts festivals to trail runs to haunted libraries to pumpkins flying through the air at astronomical speeds, every weekend is a paradise for people in the community searching for something fun to do now that the weather has cooled a bit. And last weekend’s event at Ocean View’s John West Park might have been the most memorable of all.

The Ocean View Police Department, with a keen eye on police-community relations during a time when those relations appear strained around the country, hosted their second annual Cops & Goblins event at the park. Officers were scattered throughout the park mingling with citizens, children were playing in costumes and playing with animals, and music and food filled the air.

It was truly an example of community policing, and should serve as an outline on how all police departments should interact with the people they serve. It should also highlight the respect a citizenry should pay to the people who protect them, as respect and admiration flowed freely back to the police officers on hand.

Yes, Ocean View is a community that does not have the same problems some bigger cities do, and the police department is given a lot of respect in the town. But this was pure outreach by Chief Ken McLaughlin and his team to the people of Ocean View, and it had to be considered a great success to all who attended.

Great job, Ocean View Police Department.