Letters to the Editor — November, 2016

Ocean View book gets a strong review


Congratulations on the Coastal Point’s amazing booklet on the history and culture of Ocean View.

It was very well-researched, well-written and held our interest from page one. It covered an amazing amount of history and had great photographs, as well.

Congratulations on a great job!

Dave Long Sr. and Dave Long Jr.

Ocean View

Haunted Library a huge success


On Halloween night this year, the Selbyville Public Library held its most successful Haunted Library to date.

Director Kelly Kline and her children services manager Shelly Purnell, along with the remaining five staff members, created their scariest creation yet, transforming the library into various areas of fright, replete with a fog machine on the porch. The evening of the Haunted Library, the staff welcomed 35 volunteers to help the 593 children and adults tour the terror throughout the library in just over two hours’ time.

Special thanks to Selbyville Police Chief Collins who was on site throughout the event, which went off without incident. Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped break down the props that took over two days to set up, in just over one hour, leaving the library ready to open the next day as if nothing had happened.

In this day and age of crime and fear, it is great to be able to hold an event that lets our children and grandchildren enjoy Halloween the way we did growing up. Kudos again to the staff and volunteers who made this annual event such a tremendous success.

Sue Nilsson, President

Selbyville Public Library

Board of Commissioners

>Local first responders get some love


Thank you to all first responders!!

You all put on the uniforms to be proud of and without fear for your own welfare enter into hell or high water to help others.You don’t have to live in Bethany to be proud of our first responders.

Every time I pass a police station, troop or fire station, I salute for what it stands for. Many, many of “Our Heroes” lost their lives for others. God watch over you all!!

William Murphy

Ocean View