Editorial – LWVSC putting in effort, time for community

The League of Women Voters of Sussex County (LWVSC) rocks.

There. We said it. A local organization, comprising volunteers throughout our community, flat-out rocks. Let us explain.

We have spoken in our office about how the LWVSC has had members of their Observer Corps at Sussex County Council meetings, as well as meetings of some other governmental bodies. That Corps reports to the rest of the LWVSC members, and the group discusses at length what is going on in our community.

“At the end of the year, around June, we give a report to the county council and we give both things that are positive — things we think are really good, like that they hired a county planner, which we’ve been asking for for years — as well as things they could improve upon,” explained Martha Redmond.

That is pretty awesome by itself, right? But wait... there’s more.

The LWVSC is also hosting candidate forums for contested general election races in Sussex County. On Monday, Oct. 24, their will be a candidates’ forum for Representative Districts 20 and 14. On Tuesday, Oct. 25, they will host one for Sussex County Council District 3. And on Tuesday, Nov. 1, they will host one at the South Coastal Library for Senate District 20, featuring incumbent State Sen. Gerald Hocker and challenger Perry Mitchell.

This is truly an organization that is trying to make a real difference in our community, and their tireless efforts should be appreciated by all of us.