Letters to the Editor — September 23, 2016

Chocolate tasting a hit, thanks to many


Thank you to everyone who attended the Friends of Cape Henlopen State Park’s recent Chocolate Tasting on Sept. 10, 2016. All of the proceeds from the Chocolate Tasting support the Thatcher Education Fund, which provides travel expenses to schools that need help to bring their students to the park.

We would also like to thank all the local businesses who donated items for our raffles and the many dozens of volunteers who baked and served the delicious chocolate nibbles. These individuals donated over 300 hours of time to make the Chocolate Tasting an outstanding success.

Finally, we would like to thank the management and staff at the Cape Henlopen State Park, who without their support and co-operation, the Chocolate Tasting would not have been possible.

Pam Plaza and Trish Baines, Co-Chairs

FOCHSP Chocolate Tasting 2016

Reader: 620,000 did not die over slavery


The secession of the southern states in the 1860s was not a treasonous act. It was in response to a subversive federal government. They did not desire to destroy the federal union. Their desire was for localized government instead of federalized government.

Jefferson Davis stated, “We desire peace at any cost, save that of honor and independence; not conquest, aggrandizement, no concession of any kind from the states we’ve left.”

There is no shame or dishonor in loving freedom; these are the principles that bred the Southern Confederacy. Of course, there are those who insist it was all because of defending slavery, which was very much in vogue, in the North and South, in the 1800s. Slavery, as an institution, was still protected by the U. S. Constitution and defended by the U. S. Supreme Court.

Slavery was not the reason that thousands of federal soldiers marched south, nor that caused thousands of Southern men and boys to wear the gray. (So they could own slaves?) No slave ship ever flew the Confederate flag, but they did fly the federal flag!

As Confederate-descended Americans, we honor our Southern heritage, the Confederate Battle Flag, Confederate monuments, Confederate leaders and our Confederate soldiers, our ancestors, as all American veterans!

We do not honor the historical institution of slavery any more than we would honor the historical practice of non-voting nor educational rights of women, child labor or segregation.

Richard Jamison Sr., SCV Camp 2068


Reader not happy with triathlon traffic plan


I think triathlons are great! I respect the athletes that participate very much. However, whoever established the route and handled the traffic [for the Bethany Beach First Responders Triathlon, Duathlon & Aquabike] did an awful job. It took me 35 minutes to travel one mile. Seriously! Never have I had to be stuck in traffic so long. Hundreds of people were held up because of poor planning.

I would like to suggest that maybe they rethink the route. In years past, they had one lane on each side closed to traffic. Why did they change?

The money that is raised by the triathlon is extremely important. I don’t mind being inconvenienced, but this year was ridiculous! In other major cities, where a bridge is concerned, they close one side to traffic. The congestion everyone experienced was the crossover from Route 1 to Pennsylvania Avenue. There has got to be a better way! People do have to work.

Peggy Milloy

Bethany Beach

Former planner calls for mayor’s resignation


Over the last several months, Mayor Truitt’s actions and repeated failures to act appropriately have demonstrated that he either simply has no idea what he is doing or does not take responsibilities seriously.

The most recent came on Aug. 1 in a public town council meeting in which he completely and totally ignored the Dagsboro Town Charter, Chapter C, Section 15, titled “Duties of the Mayor and President of Council,” section (B), which states, “The Mayor may, for any reasonable cause, by and with consent and upon the address of a majority of all the members of the Town Council, remove from office any person appointed by him/her or any of his predecessors.

“The person against whom the Council may be about to proceed shall receive five (5) days’ written notice thereof, accompanied by a statement of the cause alleged for the removal and shall be accorded a full and fair hearing, if requested within ten (10) days following the date that notice of removal is received by such person.”

The action taken on Aug. 1 removing me from the Town of Dagsboro Planning & Zoning Commission did not comply with any of the above and therefore is null and void. Plus, none of the reasons cited by the mayor at that meeting were factual and none rose to the legal definition of “reasonable cause.”

Unless Mayor Truitt resigns immediately, I am compelled to defend myself from the lies and defamation of character that occurred that night and the violation of my right to privacy under the Fourth Amendment and my First Amendment Constitutional right to free speech that occurred while I was under surveillance of the Dagsboro Police Department on June 8.

Readers are encouraged to read the front-page article in the Aug. 5 edition of the Coastal Point newspaper for more information.

James M. Thompson