Letters to the Editor — September 16, 2016

Chamber offers thanks, respect to guards


Thank you to the all the men and women who protect our beaches all summer and in the shoulder seasons. Year after year, our residents and visitors have the confidence to visit the beach and enjoy the ocean due to their care and diligence. Moreover, their compassion, professionalism and work ethic is a tremendous asset to our business community.

The safety of our beaches is an essential piece of our tourism industry in the Quiet Resorts. The work of our lifeguards under the guidance of their patrol captains not only provides a safe environment but also one with a great degree of friendliness and customer services.

As a small token of appreciation, the Bethany-Fenwick Area Chamber of Commerce hosts the Lifeguard Award Celebration every August. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, all the lifeguards of our seven patrols are treated to an evening of food, music and fun, with the top guard of each patrol being honored during the celebration.

Congratulations to Nick Heald, Bethany Beach; Peter Kolakowski, Delaware Seashore State Park; Ben Boonin, Fenwick Island Beach; Lauren McCoy, Middlesex Beach; Chris Dellipaoli, North Bethany Beach; Gray Venables, Sea Colony; and Ruslan Kopunek, South Bethany.

Thank you to our presenting sponsor, G.E. Hocker’s Supermarkets; signature sponsor, Coastal Tented Events; the patrol sponsors of Atlantic Shoals, Banks Wine & Spirits, Custom Mechanical Inc. and Sea Colony Recreation Association, along with our associate and gift sponsors, too. Kudos to everyone who plays a role in protecting and celebrating this community.

Kristie Maravalli, Executive Director

Bethany-Fenwick Area

Chamber of Commerce

Reader pens letter to NFL boss

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

May I suggest you get a handle on this disrespect for our flag from your players.

Let me see, the fans pay lots for seats each game and spend lots with your advertisers so that you may pay your owners and players millions of dollars. Help me understand where the racial injustice is for these players?

It is the young high school and college players who look up to these NFL players who concern me and the message they are receiving from lies like “hands up don’t shoot” which started last season. The message your players are sending is NOT improving—and to do this on 9/11 in front of our many military who were on the field is shameful. I hold you personally responsible for their unpatriotic actions.

Yes, they may have a Constitutional right to do so. I also have a Constitutional right to not watch NFL games and shop with your advertisers. Yes, I will pass this along to my friends too.

Brig. Gen Philip M. Drew, USAF (Ret.)

Bethany Beach

Signs, messages can have impact


As the school year begins, I would like to bring your attention to a recent billboard sign in Rehoboth titled, “Husband Useless?” by a local electrical company. This company had enough foresight to change this sign, after a reportedly public outcry to remove this advertising statement.

Words are powerful and send perhaps the wrong message. Every public statement has an impact, and this can be applied to today’s political state of affairs. As a retired school psychologist, we must be cognizant of the messages we send our children.

Several other advertisements are lacking family values, such as “wife hot?” referring to the disparagement of men and women. Doing business with firms of this mentality only rewards inappropriate behavior by adults. One needs to be mindful of the importance of the family nucleus in today’s society.

Linda A. Flynn

Retired school psychologist

Hardiman ready for second term


On Sept. 19, I will be sworn in for my second full term as a member of the Bethany Beach Town Council, together with three other current members, Bruce Frye, Jack Gordon and Lew Killmer. Since we were the only individuals who filed to run for the four council positions that became vacant this year, there was no need for an election.

Nevertheless, I still want to thank everyone who supported and encouraged me to serve on the council. And I also want to express my appreciation to all those who have generously shared their knowledge, experience and suggestions with me on many issues over the past few years. They not only contributed to my understanding of the issues, but helped me be a more effective representative of the citizens of Bethany Beach.

I believe we have a conscientious council committed to doing what’s best for Bethany Beach. We also have a superbly well-managed town, with a small staff of dedicated, hard-working employees who do so much for all of us. We are indeed fortunate.

So, I look forward to serving the people of Bethany Beach for another two years and welcome everyone’s thoughts, concerns and suggestions for the betterment of our town.

Rosemary Hardiman

Bethany Beach

Reader responds to previous letter


I am responding to Mr. Elling’s “Reader takes issue with previous letter” in the Sept. 9, 2016, Coastal Point.

Mr. Elling makes a reasonable comparison of Dr. David E. Stannards’ biblical support of today’s death penalty and the absolutely atrocious actions committed by New England’s religious elite against their Native American neighbors. He points out quite correctly the connection of religious beliefs defining their positions. And he is also correct when he says that throughout history and even today wars and killings have been committed in the name of a God.

But I do not think he cannot support his anti-death-penalty position with this attack on those erroneous religious beliefs.

He closes by saying he sees no difference between the crime of murder and the action of a state murder. I am concerned with such a simplistic statement! First of all, the state does not murder, it executes! Secondly, I find it inconceivable that anyone could consider the execution of any number of recent mass murderers, including someone like Hitler, to be considered just another murder!

And finally, yes, there is a place for a life sentence when the commission of a murder justifies it, but there is also a place for the death penalty in the case of a heinous and premeditated murder!

Thomas M. Keeley III

Ocean View

St. Ann’s collecting items for troops


St. Ann’s Catholic Church is again collecting items for our men and women in uniform in collaboration with USO Delaware. Suggested items for this fall include: Slim Jims (individually packaged), paper towels, crackers (individually packaged), breakfast bars (individually packaged), chips (individually packaged), 13-gallon kitchen garbage bags and gallon-sized Zip-Lock freezer bags.

Please bring your donations to the table marked “TROOPS” in Delaney Hall, St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 651 Garfield Parkway, Bethany Beach, DE. Monday through Friday, 9-2 through October 21st.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our men and women in uniform.

Rosemary Wlaschin