Letters to the Editor — September 9, 2016

Reader takes issue with previous letter

Editor’s note: The following letter is a response to a recent letter to the editor by the Rev. Cameron Swain in support of the death penalty.


Rev. Cameron Swain: Is the death penalty, as a fragment of historical practice, a Christian duty?

The following religious exploration was taken from the book “American Holocaust: The Conquest of the New World” by Dr. David E. Stannard.

Let’s go back to the invasion of our newly discovered land for religious liberty.

“As is often the case, it was New England’s religious elite who made the point more graphically than anyone. Referring to some Indians who had given offense to the colonists, the Reverend Cotton Mather wrote: Once you have but got the Track of those Ravenous howling Wolves, then pursue them vigourously; … Turn back till they are consumed… Beat them small as the dust before the wind.”

Lest this be regarded as mere rhetoric, empty of literal intent, consider that another of New England’s most esteemed religious leaders, the Rev. Solomon Stoddard, as late as 1703, formally proposed to the Massachusetts governor that the colonists be given the financial wherewithal to purchase and train large packs of dogs “to hunt Indians as they do bears.”

There were relatively few Indians remaining alive in New England by this time, but those few were too many for the likes of Mather and Stoddard.

“The dogs would be an extreme terror to the Indians,” Stoddard wrote, adding such “dogs would do a great deal of execution upon the enemy and catch many an Indian that would be too light of foot for us.”

Then, turning from his equating of native men and women and children with bears deserving to be hunted down and destroyed, Stoddard became more conventional in his imagery. “If the Indians were wolves, he said, “and are to be dealt withal as wolves.”

For 200 years to come, Washington, Jefferson, Jackson and other leaders, representing the wishes of virtually the entire white nation, followed these minister’s genocidal instructions with great care. It was their Christian duty, as well as their destiny.”

100 million “Indians” were killed by the European invaders across the “Americas” by violence and disease (the European invaders had at least a 100 years of European experience with smallpox and more diseases prior to the “discovery” of the New World). What was the “religion” of the European invaders? It was Christianity.

Rev. Cameron Swain, would you have followed the Rev. Cotton Mather or Rev. Solomon Stoddard in their “religious liberty”? Would you apply the death penalty to Columbus, Mather, Solomon, Washington, Jackson and many others for their murder of “Indians”? Has not history shown us the horror of killing for one’s god that permeates our lands still today?

I do not support the death penalty in the State of Delaware. Killing is killing. I see no difference in the crime of murder and the action of the State to murder. Yes to life in prison with no chance of parole.

Lloyd E. Elling

Ocean View

Keenwick group thankful for support


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Bonnie Spear

Keenwick Sound Homeowners Association