Letters to the Editor — September 2, 2016

Reader disagrees with previous letter


In response to Rev. [Cameron] Swain’s letter supporting capital punishment [Pastor supports capital punishment, Aug. 26 issue], I must say I’m shocked. What kind of interpretation is that? Who are we humans to decide another man’s fate? We imperfect humans.

I doubt if the Rev. Swain has it in his heart to forgive or understand those who have suffered misfortune in their lives. Those who are driven to extreme behaviors against society for reasons only God can judge, as Jesus taught. And, as the Pope recently said, “Who am I to judge?”

Eugenia Athan

Ocean View

Steens thankful for continued business


We thank the Town of Bethany Beach and all our supporters over the years! The Town has accepted the bid of Steen’s Beach Service to continue providing umbrellas and chairs on the beach for the period extending through 2019.

We are so grateful to the thousands of customers, employees, lifeguards, town council members and staff, and friends who showed us how a local business has had a positive impact in the community in which we live, work and play!

Thank you all!

Ronald L. Steen

Tempe B. Steen

Paige E. Steen