Editorial – Safety, safety, safety with school buses

Schools around the area will be opening over the next few weeks, and the Delaware State Police (DSP) recently shared some advice for students, parents and bus drivers on how to take precautions in regards to safety.

According to DSP, nearly 122,000 children across the state will ride a bus to school every day, and there are 1,850 school buses traveling approximately 120,000 miles to get them there every day on Delaware roads. Yes, we are a small state, but those are still staggering numbers to consider.

“Knowing this, everyone should consistently make safety a high priority for the children walking to and from the school bus stops,” said DSP representatives. “The motorists who must share the road with buses while school is in session must take into account any possible delays and be patient throughout the school year.”

This is a vital nugget from DSP, and one that seems to be ignored all-too-often.

For starters, it is important that motorists pay attention to the actions of school buses. If a bus is pulled over on the side of the road, always assume it is in order to pick up or drop off children and practice caution. If you are driving behind a bus, keep in mind that it could be pulling over at any time and keep a safe space between the vehicles. And if you hear that schools are delayed for fog, ice or snow, take that into account when you are leaving the house.

One mistake can haunt a lifetime. Please use caution.