Letters to the Editor — August 5, 2016

Cottage Tour a hit, thanks to many


As chair of the 25th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour, it is my pleasure to offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone responsible for helping to make this year’s tour an outstanding success. This annual tour is held in support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center in Bethany Beach.

Thank you to Gov. Jack Markell and First Lady Carla Markell for serving as honorary chairs of this year’s tour.

Our celebration began with a wonderful cocktail party, sponsored by Leslie Kopp of the Leslie Kopp Group, to recognize and thank our homeowners. Thank you to Dogfish Head for the donation of beer and spirits! Special thanks to Gov. Jack Markell for taking time out of his very busy schedule to stop by the cocktail party — we appreciate your support!

We are indebted to the 10 homeowners who loaned us their homes for the two days of the tour. We thank Jane and Jim Edmondson (House 1), Carole and David Ethridge (House 2), Eileen and Mike Olson (House 3), Susan and Sarkis Aghazarian (House 4), Carol Schultze and Tom Morris (House 5), Cindy and Jim Tippett (House 6), Lois and Joe McNamara (House 7), Carol and Mark Chaney (House 8), Sharon and Rob Knapp (House 9), and Kristen and Richard Bishop (House 10). We thank you for your generosity in sharing your home!

Special thanks go out to the exceptional committee members: Ann Boteler, Carrie Boyden, Carol Brigleb, Barbara Carlson, Thea Chandross, Sheila Collicchio, Faith Denault, Sharon Dillon, Jen Edmonston, Dick Fox, Joan Gordon, David Green, Meaghan Green, Joe Healy, Carol Kopay, Charlie Kopay, Linda Kulin, Linda Manning, Judy Marcucilli, Lois McNamara, Lori Meighan, Dick Oliver, Janet Parham, Donna Philpitt, Kathy Preston, Eileen Quigley, Maureen Rayborn, Karen Taylor, Marylou Tietz, Barbara Turner and Colleen Wilson. These men and women have worked hundreds of hours throughout the year in the coordination, preparation and execution of the tour.

Also, this event would not happen without the dedicated volunteers who annually return to us, serving as hostess coordinators, hosts and hostesses, ticket sellers, traffic coordinators, parkers, advertising sales and raffle sales — 668 volunteers helped with this year’s tour, more than any tour before. Thank you all!

The Adopt-a-House program was a great success again this year, and thanks go to the following local organizations for their support in providing coordinators and hostesses in the tour homes: the Barefoot Gardeners of Fenwick Island, Bay Forest Homeowners, Beta Sigma Phi, Bethany Lakes Book Club, Cripple Creek Women’s Club, Gardeners By the Sea, Lord Baltimore Women’s Club, Salt Pond Women’s Club, South Bethany Women’s Club, Villages of Southampton HOA, Women’s Civic Club of Bethany Beach, the Women’s Council of Realtors and the Women’s Golf Association at Bear Trap Dunes.

In addition, we have many other hosts and hostesses who volunteered outside of these organizations, and to you we send many thanks.

Our raffle was terrific, and for that we thank the six restaurants who donated gift cards: Mancini’s, NorthEast Seafood Kitchen, Off the Hook, The Parkway restaurant, Touch of Italy and Sedona. We also owe gratitude to the six local artists who donated beautiful artwork: Aubrè Duncan, Tara Funk Grim, Laura Hickman, Jeanne Mueller, Amanda Sokolski and Cheryl Wisbrock. Thanks to each of you for your support!

We thank the many advertisers in our tour booklet, the tote bag sponsors, the fan sponsor and the many generous donors who made financial contributions to the tour.

To the Beebe Medical Center, who has provided the tour with booties for many years, you have our sincere thanks and appreciation. We hope we can count on your support in 2017!

To the Towns of Bethany Beach, Ocean View and South Bethany, we thank you for your cooperation in coordinating the parking logistics for our tour participants. We also thank St. Ann’s Church for the use of the parking lot to stage our trolleys.

Thank you to the five businesses that allow us to sell tickets in their establishments: Bethany Beach Books, Browseabout Books, Carolina Street, McCabe’s Gourmet Market and Rooster’s Nest.

Special thanks go to our local newspapers, the Coastal Point and the Wave, and to the publications Coastal Style and Delaware Beach Life, for giving us advance coverage of this event. Your support over the years has helped us tremendously.

Finally, thanks to all of you who attended the 25th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour. We hope that you enjoyed the variety of homes and we look forward to seeing you again.

Planning has already begun for next year’s tour. Mark your calendars for the celebration of the 26th Annual Beach & Bay Cottage Tour on Wednesday, July 26, and Thursday, July 27, 2017 — be sure to make your reservations early, as this year’s tour was a sell-out!

For updated tour information, visit our website at www.beachandbaycottagetour.com and like us on Facebook.

Again, thanks to all of you for your continued support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center.

Kathy Green, Chair

2016 Beach and Bay Cottage Tour

Reader responds to previous letter


I am writing to comment on Mr. Jeffrey Chandross’ letter published in the July 29 Coastal Point. It is with some consternation that I see Mr. Chandross’ previous intent was to indeed open Pandora’s Box concerning raising our taxes and revising our tax structure. I repeat my condemnation of this suggestion, because politicians do not need such quasi-help when it comes to increasing taxes.

Also, I was given some sage advice from our local lawyer 17 years ago at our settlement. I’ll share it here. He said, “I don’t know where you’re from, but please don’t start complaining that we do not have all of the public amenities that you moved away from. Our low taxes were probably a big part in your decision to come here, so please don’t start demanding a lot of expensive public amenities, because we like our low taxes.” I think that is not only sage but also good advice.

Also, I will admit that our roads are narrow and often without a paved shoulder. They are what they are, and we all should all drive accordingly. I do! Perhaps I’ve been lucky, but that’s why I have been fortunate in having no close calls with bikers, joggers and/or walkers. I believe in that “share the road” philosophy and that bikers, joggers and/or walkers get some additional consideration because of their vulnerability.

I do, however, often have a problem with some bikers, joggers and/or walkers that do not understand the basic rules for traveling on our roads. But that’s another whole can of worms!

Thomas M. Keeley III

Ocean View

Women’s Club looks for support with event


The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club is a small group of women that, with the help of the community in supporting our fundraising activities — mainly the fall fashion show — we are able to provide scholarships.

Our members are of diverse backgrounds, however, with a primary purpose aimed specifically toward the education of young people in this corner of Sussex County. This year we are able to give five awards totaling $7,000 to four Indian River and one Sussex Tech graduating seniors.

The students awarded were: Aline Guzman, who will study at Wesley College, Dover, to major in psychology; Brooke Bean, to the University of Richmond for a medical profession; Caroline Lingenfelter, to Liberty University to study for a career in education; Jared Ryan will study at the University of Delaware for a career in biological education; Holly Schilling from Sussex Techical High School will study at the University of Delaware for a career in biology.

We, the Lord Baltimore Women’s Club, wish all of you the very best in your new careers.

So, you can see that, once again, we are in need of your assistance with our biggest fundraiser. The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club will hold their annual fall luncheon and fashion show on Wednesday, Sept. 28, at Baywood Greens. Chico’s in Rehoboth will be showcasing their great clothes. The theme for this year is “ABC’s of Fashion.” Tickets are on sale in the amount of $35 each.

The luncheon selections are as follows: (1) chef salad with ham, roast beef, turkey, smoked mozzarella, and swiss cheese pinwheels on mixed green salad served with crackers; (2) three-cheese cannelloni with roasted tomato sauce, side salad and garlic bread.

Please send ticket request to Pat Nitzsche at 37495 Seaside Drive, Ocean View, DE 19970 (302-396-0718). Tables seat 11, and only 240 tickets are available. Checks should be made out to Lord Baltimore Women’s Club (LBWC) and indicate luncheon choice.

All profits will go to our high school scholarship fund, as well as supplementing three elementary schools. We also supply needed supplies, mentors and readers.

Lord Baltimore Women’s Club

Reader says working families under attack


Diversity is good. That is what we are told.

Did I miss something? Diversity means an America that is less white and less Christian, and this is good? Really?

Seems that I remember from American history that among those patriots who rebelled against foreign tyranny and established a new country were some white guys and Christians as well.

Citizen-soldiers from field, shop and sailing vessel stood their ground against some of the best professionally-trained armies of Europe, red-clad British veterans and Hessian mercenaries who, unlike our own, were equipped and trained with the bayonet! These soldiers and their families were the first of generations that were later to be lauded by America’s beloved composer Aaron Copland in his “Ode to the Common Man.”

The country now has a new generation of Copland’s “Common Man.” These are America’s working families, and many of these are not doing well. As the newscaster Lesley Stahl recently put it, many families are suffering. Parents are working two and three jobs and still not bringing in as much as their former work paid. Mothers and children suffer and marriages are put at risk.

The elites who scream the praises of diversity and globalism are really looking to their own self-interest. While giving lip-service for the need of better-educated citizenry, they look gloatingly to countries across the border with education systems far inferior to our own. From these countries, they see an unending supply of cheap labor.

While singing the praises of this cheap labor, they look with disdain upon their fellow countrymen who suffer from flattened wages and loss of jobs as factories are moved out of the country.

Our fellow Americans are often told they are prejudiced and full of hate when commenting, “This is not fair.”

It is nice that this behavior is controlled when possible, but the elites are aiming at the wrong target. They should be aiming at themselves. It is the elites who are prejudiced, bigoted and full of hate toward their fellow American working families.

Bill McCauley


Mitchell issues thanks to law enforcement


I salute our local police and the State Police as they work in this difficult environment today. Police officers across the country are undergoing stress because of the recent police attacks in Dallas and Baton Rouge. A recent column in the News Journal described that police officers in Delaware are on edge. This is a time that we need to come together as a community and support our police. So I send out a “thank you” for your courage and work. Know that you are appreciated.

Perry J. Mitchell

Democratic nominee for State Senate,

20th District