Letters to the Editor – June 17, 2016

Reader responds to previous letter


Regarding Mr. Elling’s letter in last week’s Coastal Point, “Will the Indian River School District apologize for slavery?” I must respond by saying, “Will the Coastal Point’s editor apologize for printing Mr. Elling’s negative letters about our community week after week?”

In case you are all wondering, the answer to both questions is “no.” Why? Because there is such a thing in this country as freedom of speech and the right to have our own opinions. I get that, I believe in that. I, however, do not understand how someone lives their life every single day being so negative!

Mr. Elling, if you would like to print something to be upset about, how about writing something regarding heroin dealers, shootings, ISIS or the upcoming presidential election — you know, something that’s actually a problem. After getting halfway through your letters, you start sounding like the teacher from “Peanuts.”

Yes, I know, I can skip your letters week after week, and I’m not sure exactly why I don’t. The only way to explain it is that it’s like a train wreck — I don’t want to see the carnage, but I just can’t look away.

I, of course, cannot speak for the IRSD, but I’m pretty sure the Indian head is going to remain the district’s logo. What that logo represents to us in the district is “tribe” a.k.a. “family,” and for the life of me, I cannot figure out why you are making it something it’s not. Are you a Native American? Do you have children in the school district?

Again, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, even you. However, I suggest, now that summer is here, maybe you should get out and enjoy some of the beauty our community has to offer. Take a walk on one of our serene beaches. Reach out to someone and learn the game of golf or pickleball! The possibilities are endless! Maybe one of those possibilities will actually make you smile. I, too, Mr. Elling, am entitled to my own opinion.

Sherry Brannon
West Fenwick

Mitchell supports governor’s appeal


I support the appeal that Gov. Jack Markell will make to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission or the Court of Appeals concerning the increase in our electric bills. Sen. Hocker — my opponent in the 20th Senate race and a “do-nothing Senator” — is strangely silent on this important issue.

In case you haven’t heard, our electric bills will be going up because the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved the PJM transmission line running from Artificial Island nuclear complex in New Jersey across the Delaware River to a substation in Delaware. The purpose of running it to Delaware is to take advantage of a Delaware substation.

According to PMJ’s initial estimate, 90 percent of the power will head back to New Jersey, and Delaware will receive about 10 percent. PMJ has decided that Delaware’s customers will foot most of the bill, and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has agreed.

Delaware’s Public Service Commission, Gov. Jack Markell, the state’s congressional delegation and the House Democratic Caucus have registered their objections to PJM’s move. It is outrageous that Delaware consumers will pay for someone else’s electricity. Gov. Markell plans to make an appeal, which I support.

Perry J. Mitchell
Democratic nominee
for the 20th Senate District

Arlett gets thanks from resident


As busy as our Sussex County Council are tackling signage ordinances, road improvement headaches and other community wide issues, there is one councilman that still takes time from his busy schedule to help residence with individual problems. Just recently, I reached out to 5th District Councilman Rob Arlett for his assistance is obtaining approval from the Secretary of Transportation to become a sponsor for the Teenage Graduate Driver Program.

A little over two years ago, I was blessed with the addition of a wonderful young lady into my life. Not knowing exactly how things would pan out with her immediate family, I did not file the court documents to become her legal guardian right away. I had no idea at that time how long she would be a part of the household, nor did I know how long it took for Family Court to appoint guardianship.

I began to run into obstacles when it came to granting permission for certain activities, like signing for her driving permit with the DMV. Although things were in motion with the Courts, it became apparent that her driver’s education certificate was going to expire before guardianship was granted. She had worked so hard and was so excited about being able to drive; I knew she was going to be devastated about the timeframe.

While attending a fundraiser at a local restaurant, I saw Rob and his wife having dinner. I hesitated bothering him while he was enjoying family time, but so glad I did. After briefly explaining my situation, he immediately set a time for us to meet in his office the next morning. Without delay, he picked up the phone, called Jennifer Cohan, Secretary of Transportation, and got the process going.

Within 48 hours, I had been granted the role of approved sponsor and received a call directly from the Chief of Driver Services at the Georgetown DMV regarding the next steps. Two days later, I was in the DMV with a very happy teenager. In fact, she was smiling so big for her picture, you could barely see the color of her eyes, and they had to take it again.

It is a good feeling to know that our local politicians are truly there to assist when the time arises. A huge thank-you to Rob Arlett!

Christine Phillips

Family thankful for care, support


We would like to publicly thank a few people, but first a short story: On June 7, we were watching our boys play baseball at the Lower Sussex Little League complex. It was an ordinary Tuesday-evening baseball game... until it wasn’t.

Our Phillies were on the field, and the Braves were up to bat. The pitch was thrown, and the batter hit a pop-up. It was somewhere between home plate and first base. The pitcher and catcher both darted for the ball. In the blink of an eye, it happened — they collided. They both fell to the ground and didn’t move.

Sitting there, we just wanted to see them get up. When they didn’t, we knew they needed assistance. The next few moments were scary, to say the least, but what was amazing was the response from so many people that prompted this thank-you from two very grateful families.

To Bruce Layton, president of the Lower Sussex Little League, who arrived shortly after the incident occurred and stayed until the boys were on the ambulances on their way to the ER, giving his support, it was very appreciated. Todd Vickers and Tom Cassat, your assistance in getting what was needed to help the boys was invaluable.

Bailey Willey, who stayed with Ryan, holding ice on his head, until the ambulance arrived. Dr. James Sides, who assisted with assessing the boys and tended to David’s lacerations. He also made sure they knew how important it was to go and be evaluated at the ER.

The coaching staff of both the Phillies and Braves, your quick response and help making sure the boys were alert and keeping them still until the EMTs arrived. The players on both the Phillies and Braves, showing great sportsman-like conduct, care and concern for their fellow players. To the spectators in attendance, it is hard to put into words how much it meant to hear your well-wishes and offers of “Hope he’s OK” as we left the complex.

To the EMTs that responded with Roxana Volunteer Fire Company, the care and compassion you showed our sons was amazing. In an unnerving situation for the parents, your compassion toward them, especially their moms, was comforting.

It was overwhelming all the calls, texts, messages on social media that were sent to both families in the first 24 hours. We would like to thank each and every one of you for the outpouring of care and concern.

Thankfully, both boys were cleared and no concussions diagnosed. It is heartwarming to belong to a community that cares about each other. We truly appreciate all of you.

Kelly & Dean Blades,
parents of Ryan Blades
Michelle & Dee Vickers,
parents of David Vickers