Letters to the Editor — May 27, 2016

BBFM votes to not allow alcohol sales


The Board of Directors of the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market would like to inform the Town of Bethany and all of our market patrons of our position on the pending legislation of House Bill 228. This legislation allows for the tasting and sale of wine, beer or liquor at Delaware farmers’ markets.

On Feb. 13, our board voted not to allow alcohol sales in the Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market for two reasons:

• The market flourishes and is compatible with our designation as one of “The Quiet Resorts.” We see no reason to bring alcohol tasting into the mix on a Sunday morning.

• Farmers’ markets were established by autonomous local communities. The purpose of the markets originally was to support local farmers who grow what they sell. We do not feel that a highly coveted slot in the market should go to a brewmaster instead of a farmer.

By the same token, our sister market, the Farmers’ Market at Sea Colony, has also elected to remain an alcohol-free zone. It is our belief that small farmers are the endangered species that we have sought to promote and protect.

Board of Directors
Bethany Beach Farmers’ Market