Letters to the Editor — March 4, 2016

Elling suggests school district consolidation


We, the property tax payers of the Indian River School District, are once again being asked to provide additional funds to accommodate the rapidly expanding population of students. Obviously, our district did not project their needs sufficiently into the future when we built two new high schools and remodeled other schools. This is going to be very expensive — $100 million dollars and more?

What if we changed our approach within Sussex County regarding our “50” public schools? What if we become the Sussex County School District by merging all of the existing school districts into one?

Would our boundary lines of school attendance be more flexible? Absolutely! Would the merging of Sussex Technical High School into a Sussex County School District High School with student boundaries be a less expensive approach to the rapidly expanding Georgetown population? Absolutely!

Would not the entire property tax base within Sussex County spread the economic responsibility of our public schools? Absolutely! Would a Sussex County School District lessen the “administration” cost in comparison of the “duplication” of multiple school districts? Absolutely! Will these changes be difficult to accomplish? Absolutely!

The motivation to spread the cost of bringing all of our public schools into first-class academic centers and facilities is worth the changes, in my opinion. “Tradition” is a community strength and a barrier. Tradition is the past. Today is the future. We must focus on the future. We must be flexible with our choices in how we use our property owner’s “tax” money for the education of all our children. Give the idea of a Sussex County School District some thought, as it might well lessen our highly important school tax bills.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View

LBWC awarding several scholarships


Lord Baltimore Women’s Club will award several scholarships this year to students at IRHS and Sussex Tech. Students who are planning to further their education in any field are encouraged to check with their guidance counselor for an application. Applications are to be completed by March 22, 2016, and will be awarded in May.

Florence Fallavollita, Scholarship Chair
Lord Baltimore Women’s Club

Reader gives nod to Pet Corner


As a weekly reader of the Coastal Point, I have never noticed a letter to the editor commenting on the quality and detailed information found in Cheryl Loveland’s “Pet Corner” articles.

These cover many pet varieties, from dogs to rabbits to gerbils.

She continues to provide excellent information for potential pet owners, as well as those who already know of the emotional value of pet ownership.

I applaud her contributions to your newspaper.

Regina Trodden
Bethany Beach