Letters to the Editor — February 26, 2016

Reader concerned with cable bills


We have been Mediacom customers since 1989. Every winter season after I called Mediacom, we were only charged the season rate, which for us would be $79 — roughly half of our monthly “season” rate of $159.33. We received complete Mediacom service.

This season, we have no internet, no DVR, two TVs with no reception. So, in fact, we are being charged $79 per month for very limited TV service and no internet. The person I spoke with at Mediacom informed me that it’s the new Mediacom policy.

We received no notification of the new seasonal policy. Essentially, as seasonal residents we get nothing from Mediacom other than an unfair $79 bill. So since Mediacom is the only game in town we have no other cable choice!

In southwest Florida, when we were on the seasonal plan with Comcast, we paid a total of $8 per month for Internet. We are no longer on a seasonal plan in Florida and pay $27 per month for Internet (25 MBs) and $27 per month for HDTV cable. The Mediacom rate, any time of the year, is highway robbery.

I hope that the Bethany Beach Town Council will conduct an active community participation process at least one year before Mediacom’s current contract expires. All other options should be thoroughly investigated so the taxpayers in Bethany Beach get the best deal in terms of price and service.

Bonnie Bradley
Bethany Beach

Council member upset with procedure

Editor’s note: The following letter was addressed to Fenwick Island Mayor Gene Langan and was sent to the Coastal Point for publication.

As a member of the town council, I am compelled to write this open letter because I have been blindsided by the proposed first reading to raise the height limit in Fenwick Island at the Feb. 26 meeting.

There has been no discussion of freeboard or the height limit in the Charter & Ordinance Committee since last spring. Several members of the current C&O Committee knew nothing about the proposed first reading.

The Planning Commission has not discussed raising the height as they work on the new Comprehensive Plan. The existing Comprehensive Plan mentions maintaining the 30-foot height limit in several places. The Vision for Fenwick Island clearly states that there is “virtually unanimous support for 30-foot height limits with no more than two levels of enclosed living spaces.”

There has been no discussion about the height limit at the council meetings since the public forum last May, where over 200 attended to voice opposition to raising the height, and since the election of two new council members.

There has only been your announcement of the results of the non-binding survey. The response, 190-164 in favor of raising the height, is hardly a strong mandate. And, as you are aware, I never received my survey in the mail and know of at least a dozen other residents who did not receive theirs. Who has seen the results of this survey other than you and members of staff?

The residents of Fenwick Island elected me on a platform of open, inclusive, responsive leadership. You have established a climate where that does not exist even among council members. You insist on pushing forth your agenda, which is in conflict with many residents of Fenwick Island. You turn a deaf ear to those that do not agree with you.

Certainly, relief for some bayside properties is necessary because of flooding and should be addressed. Raising the height limit for the entire town, with the inclusion of 2 feet of freeboard, does not address this problem. Two feet of freeboard will not eliminate the flooding problem on the bay side and will give the ocean side properties 2 additional feet which they do not need.

What is the motivation behind this proposed ordinance change unexpectedly appearing on the agenda? Elections have consequences; you have the votes on council to pass this ordinance change. However, your proposal does not solve the problem at hand, while benefiting those that can afford to build new, even bigger homes and businesses.

The current climate in Fenwick Island is divisive. The council is obligated to unify, not further divide, our community. Our town must work together to develop a responsible solution for relief from bay side flooding. A thoughtful discussion is needed. Solutions exist. I propose our council and community leaders meet in April, before any first reading, and collectively work toward implementation of a plan that benefits affected bay side properties and strengthens our town.

Julie Lee
Fenwick Island Town Council

USO Delaware requests items


After approximately 13 years of collecting items for our men and women in uniform overseas on behalf of USO Delaware, Gigi Vanderman has decided to step down. We thank and applaud Gigi for her many years of service to our troops!

St. Ann’s Catholic Church plans to continue this noble effort and once again is collecting items such as: individually packaged cookies, crackers, nuts, peanut butter, candy, fruit or oatmeal; water, cotton socks, Keurig cups (coffee and hot chocolate), coffee creamer, gallon-sized ziplock freezer bags, foot powder, toiletries, writing paper, pens, puzzle books and playing cards, for our deployed men and women.

Please bring your donations, marked for “TROOPS” to Delaney Hall, St. Ann’s Catholic Church, 651 Garfield Parkway, Bethany Beach, DE, Monday through Friday, 9-2, through the month of March.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers for our men and women in uniform and for sharing with them a slice of home.

Rosemary Wlaschin