Letters to the Editor — December 31, 2015

Bethany residents weigh in on cottage


I am writing this letter to share with you my concerns about the Dinker Cottage being moved to the Maryland Avenue location. My husband and I have owned a home in Bethany Beach for 15 years and became full-time residents more than a year ago. Prior to this, we rented our cottage for a number of years during the summer months.

What we heard time and time again was how much our renters loved our location (which is just west of where the Dinker Cottage’s proposed move will be) and enjoyed the ability to use the green space just behind our cottages. We have seen numerous families take advantage of this space, as well, for Frisbee games, kickball and family fun. This is just one of the areas that is enjoyed by visitors and residents alike. All of us know how special Bethany Beach is, and we know that the town council knows this, too.

Having lived in Bethany part-time for a number of years and now full-time, I have seen the increase in traffic. If the Dinker Cottage is placed on the Maryland Avenue plot, I cannot even imagine how chaotic that will be during the summer months. Now it is difficult to squeeze into traffic on Kent Avenue, and forget trying to turn left.

It takes a kind-hearted person to let you go and, many times if they do, they face having the light turn red before they can get through it. Imagine what it will be like with traffic immediately turning left after having just turned right onto Kent. I’m sure it will be a nightmare during the summer months, as people will want to see something new.

My concern is after the novelty wears off, very few will stop in because of the difficulty of getting there. Look at the nature center. While very charming, it hardly seems to draw visitors. I know our son-in-law has mentioned that when he’s visited.

Another concern are the sewer lines and the placement of the cottage over them. In a letter that we received from town manager, Cliff Graviet, he stated that it would be easier to move the cottage to Maryland Avenue than another location. Why would a museum be shoehorned into a small narrow, residential plot of land, rather than showcased across the street in the town’s park?

We have watched for quite some time to see what exactly would be done there, and so far it’s been nothing but parking for town employees during the summer months and a place to store large pipes.

Having a town museum on a beautiful, expansive piece of property where people are free to enjoy learning of the history of our town and then perhaps picnic behind the cottage with their families seems to make more sense than cramming it into a very small narrow slice of land behind three residential cottages.

I don’t understand why this is even being discussed, because it makes no sense. There is a large “park” directly across from the Dinker Cottage which seems infinitely more qualified to house it comfortably. It could be showcased in the park area with gardens planned, planted and maintained by the gifted Town gardeners.

The plan to move the Dinker Cottage to Maryland Avenue definitely needs to be rethought by the Town. This is a beautiful green space that needs to be preserved for the residents and visitors to Bethany to enjoy.

Som and Suzanne Bhattacharya
Bethany Beach

Hope Foundation gets local traction


We as concerned members of the community would like to bring to your attention two important issues facing the world, and most certainly our country, today. One of which is cancer awareness, and the other is the enforcement and protection that the Constitution of the United States of America affords every citizen, young and old alike.

Without this precious, finely-crafted document, time-tested for centuries, we as a people cannot continue to live and prosper as in the past into the future. This brings us to our point of paramount importance concerning the upcoming presidential elections.

We at the Mary Ellen Hope Foundation wish to invite the public at large and other groups and organizations to a series of upcoming meetings for discussion and implementation of our endeavors to be held at the South Coastal Library, from 6 to 8 p.m. on Jan. 5 and Jan. 14. Our mission statement is, “To receive gifts and grants to provide support to nonprofit organizations aiding the causes that meant the most to Mary Ellen Hope during her lifetime…” The remaining statement can be found at maryellenhope.org.

Mary Hope, being a former law enforcement officer, saw clearly the connection of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and our inalienable rights with freedoms bestowed to the sheriffs across this great land, who defend and protect us all, in accordance to our Constitutional rule of law.

Won’t you join with us in our effort to raise funds for this worthy humanitarian cause for the support of the sheriff’s associations across this nation? What our nation needs now more than ever is peace, hope and love. May God bless America. For more information, contact anthonycarmen@msn.com.

Anthony Carmen
Bethany Beach

Reader offers card of thanks


I would like to thank all those who responded with the Millville ambulance to my home on Dec. 8 and again on Dec. 14. You saved my life more than once.

Also, many thanks to the doctors, nurses and staff at Beebe Healthcare for my recovery.

Phone calls, cards and visits were appreciated during this time.

Gerald Townsend
Ocean View