Letters to the Editor — December 18, 2015

Reader asks for leadership, unity


While I respect and appreciate the efforts of the Fenwick Island Town Council, it is my fear that they have put their own beliefs and interests above that of the best interests of the town when it comes to the proposed zoning change to increase hotel density.

I do not believe it is malicious, yet I would like to implore them to take a step back and look at what is occurring and why. I do believe they have support. I also know there is strong opposition. It is not worth dividing the town, pitting neighbors against each other. It would be much easier if the Town saw fit to sit down with the community and reach a consensus of what is acceptable. The path they have chosen appears, at this time, to only guarantee economic benefit to one individual.

It would be better to unify the community and make a change that will work for all while improving relations with the entire community. These are the decisions the Fenwick Island Town Council needs to make. Leadership has the responsibility to guide a unified community to a positive result. That has to be a better option than holding a public hearing where police are escorting soft-spoken citizens from the podium.

It is terribly unfortunate that there seems to be a common goal around which the community can unite — that is a new hotel on the Sands’ site — and yet the majority of council has ignored trying to unite the community around that goal. The council so far has chosen to go ahead with what they deem acceptable to a majority of them, even though it lacks broad community support.

The town is deeply divided about this ordinance. This can be solved, but not without unifying the community around an acceptable plan. Hold town meetings dedicated to the subject, show the benefit to the community and explore ways to alleviate the fears of those most impacted. Get assurances that what is approved will be developed and future development limited.

The community will rally around a reasonable plan. Failure to get broad community support can only lead to division and animosity.

Richard Benn
Fenwick Island

‘Seven Nights Out’ winner announcement


The Lord Baltimore Lioness Club is pleased to announce the winner of the Seven Nights Out (a.k.a. “A Week Without Cooking”) Raffle is from Millville, Del. The winner, whose name was drawn Dec. 2, has requested anonymity but is eager to enjoy dining at the following restaurants that were generous in donating gift certificates to their fine establishments: Ruth’s Chris Steak House, DiFebo’s Restaurant, the Cottage Café, Bethany Blues, the Georgia House, Twining’s Lobster Shanty & Nantucket’s Restaurant.

The Lioness Club thanks and appreciates the continued support from the community. The Seven Nights Out Raffle has become a major stepping stone for energizing the Lioness scholarship programs for IRHS seniors and students at Beebe Nursing, as well as other community needs.

Since 1990, the Lord Baltimore Lioness Club has endeavored to fulfill its motto “We Serve.”

New members are always welcomed. If interested, come join us at the next Lioness membership meeting on Feb. 3, 2016, at the Ocean View Presbyterian Church Hall (Central Avenue) at 6:30 p.m.

Karen Lucas, Secretary
Lord Baltimore Lions Club