Letters to the Editor — November 13, 2015

Garden club gets thanks, appreciation


As a member of the board of the Ocean View Historical Society, I wish to acknowledge the Gardeners by the Sea for all of their efforts in helping to create an attractive setting at the Tunnell-West House on Central Avenue. It is another example of how community cooperation can make a town like ours a friendlier, welcoming destination.

Jean Athan
Ocean View

Reader finds insurance rates absurd


My son purchased his health insurance through the state marketplace last year.

Highmark BlueCross/Blue Shield just sent his new rate for 2016, same plan, same coverage. His increase in premium will be 79.5 percent, from $95 to $167 per month. Does anyone in our state insurance office monitor these programs for increase amounts?

I am assuming that since this is a group plan, everyone is going to be experiencing the same increase. Seems to me BC/BS baited everyone in the first year and now is slamming policy holders with a massive increase.

There should be some oversight on this type of bait-and-switch activity. How can a massive increase be justified by BC/BS, or is there no justification required under the Affordable Care Act? Reasonable increases in cost can be expected, but such a large increase will cause some to drop insurance because it will become unaffordable.

I guess “Affordable Care Act” sounded better to the government than “Insurance Company Profitability Act”.

Lou Scrivani

Native American Heritage Month


Our infamous Declaration of Independence called for “liberty and justice for all.” In that same document, the words: “merciless Indian savages” hides among those “treasured” declarations.

The European invaders brought “indentured servants (slaves).” European invaders enslaved, bought, owned and sold “merciless Indian savages.” European invaders enslaved, bought, owned and sold Africans and found enormous profit. These same European invaders and slave owners helped write and sign their name to the Declaration of Independence from England. The European invaders lied when it was written “with liberty justice for all” in order to motivate the “lessor” male European invaders to join in the rebellion. They lied when it came to women, Africans and “merciless Indian savages.”

Slavery of the “Indians,” “Africans,” “Chinese” and many others still lives today. We “European Americans” continue to treat many of our fellow citizens as less than human. “Liberty and justice for all” is at the heart of the violence, anger and disrespect that divides “us.” We descendants of “European Americans” have never admitted to the crimes of our European invader “brothers” against humanity or made amends for the injustices that started with the first European ships of explorers/invaders.

We must never forget that it was religion that gave European invaders the right to claim inhabited lands if those “Indians” did not convert to their religion. It was religion that gave European invaders the right to kill those “Indians” if they did not convert to their religion. The ancestors of we European Americans did both in the name of “GOD.”

When religion recants the foundations of “discovery,” we will be able to begin to pay our debts to the descendants of those Nations, cultures, lands, lives enslaved and lost. Recant “the origins of the doctrine that can be traced to Pope Nicholas V's issuance of the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex in 1452.” Recant the statement of Thomas Aquinas in 1271: "Unbelievers deserve not only to be separated from the Church, but also... to be exterminated from the World by death.”

Celebrate Native American Heritage month of November with a trip to the Nanticoke Indian Museum. Celebrate Native American Heritage month at your public & school libraries. Celebrate Native American Heritage Month with a trip to the National Indian Museum in Washington, D.C. Celebrate Native American Heritage Month at the final IRHS football home game on with a new cheer... “Forgive us for our horrific sins against our brothers and sisters of Native Americans of days past and events today.” This land is your land!

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View