Letters to the Editor — November 6, 2015

Vigilance on display at local school


On Tuesdays, I mentor a young man at the John Clayton Elementary School. On a recent visit, I was rather early and decided to sit in my car in the school parking lot and read a book before entering at my scheduled time.

I had sat there for about 10 minutes or so and then noticed I was being approached by an armed security officer. The officer approached my car, determined that I was a mentor and returned to her other duties.

The important fact that parents should recognize, and one that impresses me, is that the school appears to have an effective process for protecting your children. They obviously utilize the old axiom, “If you see something, say something,” and for all our sakes, I applaud them.

Dick Fox
Bethany Beach

IRHS staff gets kudos for action at accident


We would like to extend a huge “THANK YOU” to two very special people at Indian River High School.

Two weeks ago, our children were in a very bad car accident on Route 26 on the way to school. There were four teenagers in the car from Indian River High School. Thankfully, all of them were able to get out of the car with no life-threatening injuries.

When the parents arrived to the scene of the accident, in various states of frenzy and tears, we found a teacher from Indian River standing with them. Mr. Milspaw came upon the accident shortly after it occurred and realized that there were IR students involved. He immediately pulled over, checked their status, offered them assistance and then called the high school to notify them of the incident. He stayed there until he was assured that the children were under the care of their parents.

In addition, our wonderful principal, Bennett Murray, arrived on the scene as soon as he was notified. He cancelled his appointments in order to be with “his” kids who needed him most. While Mr. Murray stood there, we all watched him speak to each of our children, and offer words of encouragement, support and concern. He stayed with us until he was sure that there was nothing else he could do to support our families.

These two wonderful gentlemen showed this teenage group how much they mattered. What a great example for them. As young adults, dealing with an event that dramatically changed their world, they needed multiple levels of support to digest and recover emotionally from the accident. They found two great supporters from IRHS.

It’s wonderful, as a parent, to know that we have such compassionate and thoughtful people teaching and guiding our children at the high school. The teenagers have all commented on how much they appreciated their presence, and how it made a big difference in how they reacted to and recovered from such a difficult day. Thank you, Mr. Milspaw and Mr. Murray, for being there for our teenagers.

Very gratefully,
The McCoy Family, The Burke Family and The Davis Family