Letters to the Editor — October 23, 2015

Resident reinforces position on road


Thank you for reporting my testimony in support of our petition dealing with heavy truck traffic on Woodland Avenue.

Our petition was endorsed by residents of Briarcliffe and The Reserves, the two communities most impacted by Woodland Avenue traffic.

As presented to the Council, the metric we selected, (weight of 20,000 pounds), for identifying controlled traffic, is apparently unenforceable by the Town. As explained by Chief McLaughlin, control by weight is a Delaware State Police function.

It has never been our objective to ban passenger vehicles or small truck traffic from Woodland Avenue. Our proposal, (details included a drawing), would have restricted only heavy trucks, (such as cement trucks, which typically weigh 70,000 pounds fully loaded; tractor-trailers, usually weighing 27,000 to 30,000 pounds empty; and large dump trucks, those with more than two axles), from entry to Woodland extended, from Central and Woodland North.

The proposed restricted area is approximately .3(+/-) of a mile long, to a point just below Mitchell Avenue. Heavy trucks servicing the Ryan/N.V. Homes development in The Reserves would enter from Muddy Neck/West Road to access a new construction road located on the West farm property. Heavy trucks servicing the Beach Club development, on Muddy Neck Road, would be re-routed off Woodland Avenue.

We pointed out some of the safety issues associated with heavy trucks on Woodland — particularly those entering from Central and turning right into the West property construction road. Traffic congestion caused by heavy trucks using Central to enter Woodland would be eliminated under our proposal — a major benefit for all drivers.

The residents of Briarcliffe and The Reserves endorse the Council’s offer to mediate construction truck traffic with the developers. However, should that effort prove unproductive, we will refile our petition using a different metric to identify restricted heavy trucks. We also endorse replacement of “No Thru Truck” signs on Woodland Avenue north between Central Avenue and Route 26. According to comments in the Council session, those signs apparently disappeared during recent construction.

Vic Covey
Ocean View