Letters to the Editor — August 14, 2015

Reader questions public comments


I understand that Don Hattier is a respected community leader and offers his wisdom and skills both as a practicing chiropractor, a proud member of the IRSD Board, an active volunteer at the Cape Henlopen Fort Miles restoration and events.

However, Tuesday morning, while on air at WXDE-105.9 FM, he was asked by the host about the selection of the new school board member chosen at Monday night’s meeting. He was extremely complimentary to her and included among her outstanding qualities: highly knowledgeable about special education, being conservative and holding christian values.

Don Hattier was speaking for the school board at the time, because he prefaced his comments by noting that “we” the board met last night and he decided he could divulge the information Tuesday early morning, since she had most likely already been contacted and told.

I realize that to most of those born, raised and/or living here, conservative, christian values are held in esteem. But then there are those of us who are not conservative, nor christian. Is there still no recognition that church and state are separated by law? Is the ACLU victory a forgotten memory? Is the “war chest” built back up to overturn the Supreme Court?

Is there still no respect here for the human beings who are our neighbors, patients, friends and customers who do not hold conservative, christian values?

I suppose I should have capitalized certain words or used the term doctor for the doctor; it would have been respectful, which is a quality that none of those referred to herein have shown in return.

Jeffrey Chandross

Reader suggests sign at intersection


At the intersection of Jefferson Bridge Road and Coastal Highway is one of the most dangerous crossings in Bethany Beach — specifically the right turn off of Jefferson Bridge onto Coastal Highway. When the light is green for the cars on Jefferson, it is also when the “Walk” sign comes on for pedestrians crossing Coastal Highway.

Again this morning a woman came flying (turning right) onto Coastal Highway as I was crossing on my bike. She did not even look (because her light is green) but still she was in the wrong! She had to slam on her brakes to not hit me and then threw her hands in the air like I was the one in the wrong.

This happens daily! I can understand it to a certain degree… because their light is green. Something needs to be done! Maybe a sign stating, “Use caution when turning right on green. Pedestrians in the Crosswalk”?

Somebody is going to get hit! And badly! At the speed she was turning, I would have been badly hurt!

Elaine Fisk
Bethany Beach

LBWC thankful for great support


The Lord Baltimore Women’s Club sincerely thanks all you who purchased tickets to our Oct. 7, 2015, Fashion Show. For the second year in a row, we are sold out. We hope to have a larger venue next year to accommodate all of you who were unable to attend this one. Again, thank you for this sold-out year, as our scholarship fund will be able to continue to provide students with much-needed resources.

Lord Baltimore Women’s Club

Mais thankful for support in election


I would like to thank my family, friends and voters for their support and help in the recent Fenwick Island Town Council election.

Congratulations to all the candidates and voters for giving Fenwick Island a choice.

Thanks to the Election Commission and the staff of the Town of Fenwick Island for organizing a smooth and fair election with lots of voters!

I look forward to working with Town Council and our residents as we address and tackle the issues facing us.

Richard Mais
Fenwick Island

HOA wants their gates to remain


We Ocean Way Estates residents would like to inform you about our conflict with the County.

This conflict began in 2011. Mrs. Katherine “Kitty” Cole, mother of Councilman George B. Cole, purchase two lots in our community in 2001. She, like all the other residents, received a gate card allowing her to drive from Section 1 and 2, to Section 3. The gates are there to control excessive pass-through traffic, keeping our community safer, quieter, and saving wear and tear on the roads, the upkeep for which we are responsible.

These gates have worked very well for us for over 20 years, without incident. Kitty Cole did not like our traffic control, and suddenly the County Planning & Zoning started sending letters to Berzins Enterprises to remove all gates! The gates do not restrict or deny residents access to their property.

The request to remove all gates became threats from the County attorney, Vincent Robertson. Berzins’ then had to respond through their attorney. This eventually led to Mr. Robertson meeting with Lawrence Lank, Tim Willard, Ray Berzins and Robert Christian at our gates in Ocean Way Estates.

A solution was proposed by Mr. Lank. In December 2014, we had a hearing with Planning & Zoning where our proposal, as suggested by Mr. Lank, was unanimously approved! Mr. Vincent Robinson was present at that meeting and raised objections.

Since then, the plans have been presented to Planning & Zoning for final approval — all criteria has been met. Mr. Cole has once again stepped in, objecting to the final approval, even though Shane Abbot (P&Z) also gave us his same final approval of the concept. Yet, somehow it is being put on hold. It appears that Mr. Cole wants more litigation. Spending more time and money for what, we ask?

The precedent for communities to handle their own affairs is longstanding in our county. Many communities, including Mr. Cole’s own, have blocked-off roads or rerouted traffic due to unforeseen problems with traffic patterns.

Our concern and question to this council is this: How much of the taxpayer dollars are being spent on this issue when over 200 Ocean Way Estates residents have signed a petition and submitted it to the County to keep our gates?

We are all extremely anxious over this, as it affects us on a very personal level. Children and grandchildren ride their bikes here, we walk our dogs and try to drive slowly. The gates help us preserve this lifestyle and level of safety. Our community is a group of mostly fixed-income and many retired folks. Moving and maintaining new gates would place an undue hardship on us. Losing them would be devastating.

The Coles do not live in our community and probably never will. To understand how critical this issue is to our wellbeing, one must reside here.

Please help us get our final approval and stop spending our own tax dollars against us.

Robert Christian, President
Ocean Way Estates HOA