Letters to the Editor — June 26, 2015

Craft show a hit, thanks to many


The 11th Annual Bethany Beach Seaside Craft Show was held on Saturday, June 6. Once again, this juried show presented dozens of crafters with a wide variety of offerings on our boardwalk and bandstand as well as on Garfield and Parkwood streets.

We want to give recognition to all those who make this excellent occasion possible. The Seaside Craft Show Committee begins each year in September to plan for the upcoming show the following June. However, it is the generous assistance of our town staff and volunteers the day of the show that makes the event happen.

The Bethany Beach police are on hand from 6 a.m. until sometimes after 7 p.m., when the last crafter has moved out. They provide the order that is necessary and appreciated in making things go smoothly from beginning to end. A very big thanks to Dean Sisler and our seasonal officers for their invaluable and friendly assistance.

Thank-you also to Brett Warner and the other Bethany Beach Public Works staff members for attending to the many details that set the stage for a successful show. We could not do without their assistance both before and after the event.

Not least of our thanks is for the many volunteers who show up each year at 6 a.m. to mark booths and welcome the crafters, as well as assisting with the crafter parking at the Christian Church grounds. Maureen Killmer annually rounds up these folks, many who graciously return year after year, assuring that the day gets off to a good start.

This year those thanks go to Monte Wisbrock, Mark Anderson, Ray Thibeault, Claire Larson, Neece Phipps, Mike and Denise Boswell, Dick Fox, Carole and Ron Caleb, Rick Morini, Kelsey Jakubiak, and three of our Town Council members, Lew Killmer, Chuck Peterson and Bruce Frye. During the day, Carol Coyle, Jan Kinsella, Diane Dee and Margaret Young provided booth-sitting for crafters who needed a short break. Thank you one and all!

And, finally, thanks to Maureen’s Ice Cream for the early-morning donuts and coffee we provide for our volunteers and crafters, Island Fusion for their live music performance, and the Disciples of Christ Conference Center for the parking area for the crafters.

It was a great day and a grand event, and thanks to all who attended.

Seaside Craft Show Committee
Gloria Farrar, Sharon Fox, Stacie Loftus, Carol Olmstead, Karen Taylor, Joan Thomas, Cheryl Wisbrock, and Julie Malewski, Bethany Beach events director

VegFest organizers thankful for support


Rehoboth Beach VegFest 2015 was a huge success — the community participation, support and enthusiastic feedback was unprecedented. We are in awe of how much our wonderful community here in Rehoboth Beach joined together for a weekend in support of such important matters that concern all of us: human health, animal welfare and the future of our planet.

We extend our deepest personal thanks and gratitude to the many people who pitched in to make this happen. We thank our generous sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, our awesome giving volunteers, and the many other far-reaching organizations that joined in to make this event shine as it did this year! If we could, we would write a heartfelt note to each and every one of you.... You each have our deepest gratitude.

Our sponsors have been most generous, and without them, Rehoboth Beach VegFest simply could not exist. A special shout-out to our top sponsor Jenn Harpel of Morgan Stanley, and to our other lead sponsors: the Atlantic Sands Hotel & Conference Center, CAMP Rehoboth, Cape Gazette, Delmarva Public Radio, Made Ya Look!, Rehoboth Beach Farmers Market, Rehoboth Beach Film Society and VegFund.

We thank all our attendees — so many of you live here in the beach region, and so many of you travelled far to get here. You came with your high spirits, your enthusiasm, your curiosity — and your appetites! We’re so glad for all the positive — and downright raving — feedback that let us know you enjoyed everything so much, learned new things and discovered plant-based foods you so often described as “awesome.”

And lastly, to our entire community.... those of you who put out blogs, who listed us on your websites, who posted flyers in your windows, who invited your families and friends to attend. Each one of you reached out to bring the VegFest message of healthy, sustainable and compassionate living to others in Rehoboth Beach and surrounds near and far — we thank you!

See you all next year: Rehoboth Beach VegFest is set for June 11, 2016, and we can’t wait! We hope Rehoboth Beach VegFest 2016 will wow you like never before!

Patricia Haddock and Tara Sheldon
Rehoboth Beach VegFest

Reader endorses proposed state bill


What if you were being abused by your husband but when you went to the court for a Protection from Abuse order, you were told no? You were denied protection because under the foreign law your husband followed, he was allowed to do so. Since the law your husband believed said it was OK, the court agreed.

Seem extreme? Well, it actually happened right here in the United States.

Could it happen here in Delaware? Not if Senate Bill 100 is passed. The proposed bill would give Delaware courts clear instruction that any foreign law that steps on our constitutional rights would not be accepted in our courts.

Globalization is important for business and even our thinking when dealing with others, but it shouldn’t trump our laws. I hope the Delaware legislature believes in protecting women, our sisters, mothers, daughters. Please support SB 100.

Martha Lehman