Letters to the Editor — May 15, 2015

Legion auxiliary thankful for support


On May 3, a benefit was held for Robin Murchie by friends and family. Robin is a member of the Ladies’ Auxiliary, Unit 24, and sadly, lost all of her belongings due to a building fire this past April.

The benefit was held at the American Legion Post 24, Dagsboro.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the friends, family and members who kindly donated the delicious food for the buffet, money gifts and great items for the auction.

A special thank you goes out to the Frankford Diner, Millpond Restaurant, Georgia House, Pint & Pub, Millsboro Pizza Palace, Fat Tuna, Blue Water Grill, Doyle’s Restaurant, Unit 17 Auxiliary Sisters, J.R. & Marie, DJs, Dennis and Dianne Daniels, and Double D Auctioneers.

None of this would have been possible without the thoughtfulness and generosity of all involved!

American Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary
Unit 24

Reader offers opinion on death penalty


Two facts need to be recognized as true while Delaware considers the repeal of the death penalty:

(1) We do not have a perfect justice system. (Read the newspaper).

(2) Death is irreversible.

All the other considerations, such as whether it is a deterrent, the financial cost of a capital punishment trial, the hardship it imposes on the families of the victims and the accused, the lack of reliable drugs, the question of whether it is less barbaric to poison than to hang, the endorsement of violence modeled when the state executes — while important — are not as essential as those two.

We should be having these discussions at the dinner table, in our schools and religious assemblies and certainly on the floor of the Legislature when Senate Bill 40 is released from the committee for a vote.

Jeannie Bennett Fleming

Selbyville Friends thankful for support


On behalf of all of the Friends of the Selbyville Public Library, thank you to all of those that attended and supported our 30th Anniversary Gala April 30 at The Cove at Bayside Golf Resort. The successful evening brought together local community and business leaders to raise funds for the programs, improvements and future expansion of the Selbyville Public Library.

Special thanks go to our major sponsors for the event: Brasure’s Pest Control, the Carl M. Freeman Foundation and Faw Casson & Co., CPAs. Also, a big thank-you to our donors: Selbyville Mayor Clifton Murray, [County] Councilman Rob Arlett, Dr. James Kramer, Dynamic Therapy Services, Crossroads Veterinary Clinic, Coastal Point, Paul and Faith Denault, Jeff Baxter, Dean Leinneweber and Bob Kemp.

Thanks also to the numerous local merchants, restaurants and artists that contributed to our successful silent auction. And, of course, thanks to all of the Friends who volunteered their time to make the evening special for all those that attended.

The Friends of the Selbyville Public Library fund all of the programs at our local library. With support from our local community and business leaders, we look forward to the next 30 years of enriching the lives of those in Selbyville.

David Nilsson, President
Friends of the Selbyville Public Library

Reader offers gratitude to Guard members


We here in the Bethany Beach area have many treasures for which we should be thankful. We appreciate the ocean, the beach, the boardwalk, the parks, the bays, the wetlands and the wildlife. There is another treasure that we tend to ignore, even though we pass by many times — the Delaware Army National Guard.

My husband and I were fortunate enough to attend the May 3 dedication of the new School House Building at the Regional Training Center on the Route 1 National Guard property. This recently completed $6 million project was a boost for the area’s economy, using local labor and suppliers.

We were amazed not only at the quality and quantity of the state-of-the-art equipment in the building, but at the size and versatility of the space, as well. We learned about the critical training in communications of both active-duty and reserve military to serve our Armed Forces and our civilian population. Men and women from all over the country come to this local facility to be educated in the use of essential electronic communications equipment that has many uses.

Most impressive was the dedication of the personnel who were present. The men and women who serve in the National Guard are committed to working hard to make sure that we are protected in the case of any emergency that might threaten our wellbeing. They make sacrifices for us year-round, 24/7, and because of their dedication we can comfortably enjoy the treasures that surround us.

As we drive by the nearby Delaware Army National Guard, we should take a moment to think about how they make our lives better, and we should be thankful.

Joan Gordon
Bethany Beach

BearHug project needs more support


BearHug Inc. is a non-profit organization which raises money to send monthly care packages to children who have a parent deployed in the armed services.

It is a known fact that the children who have deployed military parent(s) suffer higher incidences of depression and deep feelings of loneliness. The mission of BearHug is a reach-out program to these children so they realize that Americans are constantly thinking of them and appreciate their everyday sacrifice their family is making for their country.

What Americans must do is show our love to these children. This can be done by donating money, any new children’s items (art supplies, toys) and/or a letter of gratitude to a child of a deployed military parent. BearHug will do the rest.

These packages cost $25 per month. Any appreciated donation (in any amount) may be sent to: BearHug, Inc., 113 Danbury Rd., Suite 7, Ridgefield, CT 06877. They may also be contacted at BearHugforkids@hotmail.com, (970) 412-7447 or www.bearhug.biz.

The Military Organization of America (MOAA) Southern Delaware Chapter is a non-profit group of retired and former military veterans who dedicate their efforts to raising donations for such important causes. MOAA is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 organization.

In an effort to support BearHug, Inc. MOAA is having a fundraiser for this group at the 1776 Restaurant, Rehoboth Beach, (movie theater mall) on Sunday evening (5 p.m. to closing) May 24. The evening meal selection will be from the restaurant’s menu. The 1776 Restaurant will donate a percentage of the evening’s receipts to this worthy cause.

Let us all show the courage by working hard to address this common-though-challenging condition to improve the quality of life of our military families. Let us all show love to a child of a deployed military parent through your gracious support.

Capt. Richard A. Pfeil, USN, Ret
Bethany Beach