Letters to the Editor — April 3, 2015

Reader questions Christmas tree costs


Here’s a modest proposal triggered by the recent debate among Bethany Town Council members over the appropriateness of spending what most people would consider a lot of money on two large Christmas trees: Vote on the trees before spending a cent on them. Hold a non-binding referendum of the sort Bethany Beach has held before and see if the voting public likes or dislikes the idea.

All I know about the issue is what I’ve read in Coastal Point, but I’ll confess that I almost choked on my morning bagel when I read that the Town Council would consider at its March 20 meeting a proposal to spend $40,000 for two large outdoor holiday trees for the town.

When the smoke cleared, the Council approved a compromise measure reducing the Christmas tree expenditure to $22,000. Bethany Mayor Jack Gordon opposed the larger amount as unneeded and inappropriate, branding it “a frivolous expense.” But other Council members cited the importance of holiday decorations and of supporting the business community.

Councilman Bruce Frye reportedly proposed the $22,000 compromise, which Gordon also opposed but which carried on “a split vote” after the Council voted unanimously to strike the $40,000 figure.

So, one person’s business-friendly holiday season enhancement is another’s frivolous expense. I’m with Mayor Gordon in the frivolous expenditure column, but a majority of the Council felt otherwise. I wonder which side of the argument most Bethany voters would favor.

Mayor Gordon noted that the Christmas tree proposal appeared in a budget that increases parking fees and comes as the Town is evaluating ways to fund a storm emergency relief fund. Indeed, it was not long ago that the Bethany Beach Council kicked around the idea of taking over a beach umbrella operation that has been a part of the Bethany landscape for decades as a well-regarded privately-owned and operated enterprise. That idea, forwarded as a way to build a storm emergency relief fund, sunk, at least for now, under the weight of popular opposition.

Why not take the public’s pulse on the desirability of spending $22,000 for two large Christmas trees?

John Connor
Bethany Beach

Candidate gets a little family love

Editor’s note: The following letter is addressed to Ocean View voters, regarding the upcoming town council election.

Here is why I love my nana, Carol Bodine:

She is friendly.

She makes good, not bad choices.

She takes good care of me, feeds me, and cares for me.

She helps me do my homework when I don’t understand.

She will make good decisions.

But if she gets chosen, she will understand if you need help.

Tayler Flaherty,
Third Grade, MBSCS
Ocean View

Family grateful for support


We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to everyone who sent cards, flowers, food and texts and phone calls; also those who attended the visitation and funeral. My dad was loved by many and had a heart of gold.


The Lewis family
Teresa, Dean, Holly and Nicole

Bodine gets more support in election


Without any hesitation, my mother, Carol Bodine, is the best candidate for Town Council. Carol has had vast experience in community outreach and leadership. Carol epitomizes determination, fairness and compassion. Through these qualities she will be able to balance her present personal and professional responsibilities with undertaking the role of Town Council member.

My mother has played a very active role in the community throughout my entire life. A retired nurse, her dedication to her patients poured out onto her children and any community she was involved in. Carol has been active in the church in various outreach arenas; including taking on a Title 1 (special education) teaching position at St. Camillus Catholic School in Silver Spring, Md.

Carol values performing arts and its importance in any community. She has been singing with church and community choirs throughout her life. My mother has managed the Montgomery County Youth Symphony, as well as my personal string quartet, the Montgomery String Players, while I was in high school, and has supported Arena Stage and the Mead Center for the Performing Arts, for over 50 years. She worked tirelessly to incorporate the performing arts into the lives of young musicians and the community in Montgomery County, Md. for many years.

Carol has been a resident of Ocean View, Del., for several years and my decision to relocate to this area was largely with her encouragement. She has been an incredible help to me in raising all of my children, (evident by their admiration of love for my mother), but even more with helping me to manage the health of my daughter, who has Type 1 diabetes and epilepsy. Carol is loving, too, and goes out of her way to help many other children in our community, as well.

My mother’s selflessness and philanthropy are highly commendable and inspiring. She has been one of my most important role models, and I have aspired to conduct my personal and professional life at a level befitting of her approval. Carol will be a wonderful addition to the Ocean View Town Council, and I look forward to supporting her in this next chapter of her life.

Rita Meadows
Ocean View

Former mayor, wife back Bodine


Carol Bodine is running for the Ocean View Town Council representing District 4, which includes Bear Trap, Wedgefield, Avon Park and Fairway Village.

We have known Carol for several years and have worked with her on a campaign. We know her as a tireless worker, always ready to do more than her share of what needs to be done. We know she will be an asset to the Town of Ocean View and represent her area well.

She supports and cares for Ocean View, and I am sure will always vote on the Town Council, for the good of our town. I encourage you to vote for Carol Bodine, a hard worker who really loves our Town, on April 11, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at town hall on West Avenue.

Gary and Bette Meredith
Ocean View