Letters to the Editor — March 6, 2015

Reader: Bilingual candidates needed


The time has come for our IRSD Board of Education president, Charles M. Bierley, to step aside as the longest-serving member of any Board of Education in the USA. Yes, the present Indian River High School name should be changed to the Sir Charles M. Bierley High School. This man deserves to have his name etched long into the future for his longevity and endless hours of time and talents given to our school district. Thank you, Sir Charles!

Board Member Shaun Fink should resign/be replaced as he promoted hatred and violence toward our “homosexual” students, educators, administrators and citizens within the IRSD when he used “2,000”-year-old hate-filled Biblical references to their existence as an “abomination” and “death shall be upon them.” It was disappointing that no other members of the Board of Education or administration publicly challenged Mr. Fink for such an expression of hatred and violence.

Respectful, knowledgeable and committed Millsboro-area candidates need to place their names on the ballot.

The era of the “good old European boys/girls” is ending. It is past time for members of our school district board of education to be bilingual in English and Spanish. We need African-Americans, Latino-Americans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans and more to place their names on the ballot. We European-Americans need to cast our votes to make this change possible.

Let knowledge, diversity, tolerance and respect shine forth in our Indian River School District election of new Board of Education members. You only need to reside within the Indian River School District and your specific district of the IRSD Board of Education to vote, and be at least 18 years of age. Voter registration within the State of Delaware is not required.

Lloyd E. Elling
Ocean View