Interesting results abound from local elections

So another election season has come and gone, the voters have had their say and life will go forth for those of us in Sussex County, with a few new faces in new places.

Two of the most-discussed races in this community leading up to the election were for the seats in Districts 4 and 5 of the Sussex County Council. In District 4, longtime incumbent George Cole faced a very formidable foe in Democrat Shirley Price. Cole was able to hold on to his seat by a pretty sizeable number when the votes came in, but it was as stiff a challenge as he has faced in many years. District 5 saw two newcomers to the Sussex County Council scene, as Republican Rob Arlett, fresh off his primary win over longtime incumbent Vance Phillips, defeated planning & zoning’s Bob Wheatley.

Another interesting race for people in our little corner of the world was the state representative battle in the 41st District between Democrat incumbent John Atkins and Republican Rich Collins. The two had a nailbiter election two years ago, with Atkins holidng off Colins after a recount, but Collins turned the tables this time around, winning by a narrow 3,189-2,919 margin.

Though we are still waiting on results from Sussex County Sheriff Jeff Christopher’s write-in campaign, Republican Robert T. Lee handily defeated Democrat R. Beau Gooch to take that seat, pending Christopher’s final tally. Lee has emphatically stated he will not pursue arrest powers for that office if elected, so we will apparently see how that works out once he assumes command.

According to numbers from the Department of Elections, 36 percent of Delaware’s registered voters turned out to make their voices heard in Tuesday’s elections. That’s not a bad figure, comparitively speaking, but it still raises concerns here about voter apathy. Polls show that the majority of people in this nation are not happy with how government is functioning, but only about a third show up to vote?