Bethany Beach adopts Smart911 service

The Town of Bethany Beach recently joined Sussex County in offering its residents a time-saving program designed to help prepare them in an emergency. The online service, called Smart911, is an aid for first responders to access critical information when a caller dials 911.

Users who opt in to the free program create a household profile containing information that they feel is critical in an emergency. Key information, such as medical history, telephone numbers and addresses, can be accessed regardless of whether the call was made from a home or mobile phone, in any jurisdiction in the United States using the service.

The profile even has the capability of storing photos of children to be used in a potential missing child situation. Users control their information by entering it securely and privately at The information is only relayed to dispatchers when a caller with a pre-loaded profile calls 911.

When someone makes a 911 call, they are often under duress and may not think clearly enough to deliver the crucial information that first responders need to act quickly, town officials said, adding that Smart911 allows them to calmly provide details saving minutes and ultimately lives in the process.

To learn more or to sign up, click the Smart911 icon on the front page of the Town website ( or visit

Developed by Rave Mobile Safety and launched in 2010, Smart911 is available in more than 1,000 communities in 35 states. In Delaware, Sussex County was the second jurisdiction to implement Smart911; New Castle County has utilized the service since 2013.