Letters to the Editor — September 26, 2014

Costello not satisfied with election


This year’s Bethany council election was disappointing, to say the least, for those of us who believe that town government needs independent, questioning council people. As soon as I learned of the Healy slate, I could see that its sole purpose was to bring about the defeat of Margaret Young.

On election day, I attended the tallying of 460 absentee ballots, and my fears were fully justified.

The Healy slate — I’m certain Joe did not think it up all by himself — was the largest single vote-getter, garnering 205 votes for each of his slated candidates. In addition, there were many other interesting combinations of voter choices — mixtures of ballots for one, two, three, or four candidates.

For Margaret to have even a remote chance of winning — given the lockstep nature of the slate — she needed literally hundreds of voters to choose only her in order to break the stranglehold of the Healy slate.

Obviously that did not happen. She was doomed from the start because so many Bethany voters chose Margaret, as well as other candidates on their ballots. Votes for Margaret on these ballots were simply canceled out by votes for members of the “official” slate.

Employing a slate to guarantee one candidate’s defeat is certainly not a new, or even unusual, practice, but it is an odious one, in a small and thoughtful community like Bethany. Joe Healy and his slate-making buddies should be ashamed of themselves, especially since the sole purpose was to silence criticism of council decisions to give developer Jack Burbage special favors like interest-free loans and free parking on Church-Neff Park for his workforce, while his hotel is being constructed.

Caving into Mr. Burbage just because he threatened to sue town government is disgraceful. Mr. Burbage is a canny and successful businessman, and he apparently has figured out how to win special favors from our government. Certainly, he has every right to seek special favors, but he has no right to expect our government to roll over when he does.

We don’t know who will be standing up for us — and for common sense and fairness — if or when Mr. Burbage senses a need for more special favors. Perhaps one of the newer members of the council will step into Margaret’s dangerous shoes and have the courage to say: “Hey, wait a minute!”

Dan Costello
Bethany Beach

Reader responds to previous letter


Harry Steele, a frequent commentator via letters to the editor, has hit the nail on the head with his recent blast aimed at climate change activists who deny reality by insisting that their theories are based on “settled science.” They are not only misguided, but, by stigmatizing anyone who disagrees with them, they are actually stifling debate on the subject.

Science is not “consensus”! Science is facts! Anything that stifles the true search for facts isn’t just part of the problem; it is the biggest part of the problem!

In the days of Leonardo DaVinci, true science was stifled by the Church, labeled as heresy. There is little difference today when it comes to the topic of climate change. It has little, if anything, to do with the effects of mankind on the climate. It is, in fact, simply a means to manipulate people and ideas to promote a political agenda.

The “Church” was a political powerhouse in DaVinci’s time and wouldn’t tolerate any challenge to its teachings (read “power”). So it goes today with the Save the Planet and Al Gore types of the world! Their scams of carbon credits prove that it is solely about power and money. If carbon emissions was such a dire problem, then why is it OK to simply pay a “fine” (read extortion) and keep on emitting carbons? They not only don’t want to fix the problem, they enhance the problem with scare tactics so as to improve the bottom line for their scams!

No rational person would deny that there are changes to the climate. There has been for millions of years. A very small percentage of that change is caused by mankind. You must ask yourself two questions: “How do I find a real solution to what mankind has caused?” and “Will whatever I do actually have a positive effect on the global climate”? Remember, the USA is not the only nation living on and polluting the planet!

Never mind those who proselytize about “Saving the Planet.” In the grand scheme of things, the planet isn’t in danger; Mankind is in danger. The issue of climate change is a long way down the list of possible reasons for extermination of the human race. Human nature (intolerance in social and religious matters) is an infinitely higher risk to Mankind. We really need to keep this in perspective!

I laud Mr. Steele for insisting that we all do our own research and not blindly take anyone’s word for it, including his! Basing your arguments on knowledge and not on emotion is a mark of a conservative. Progressives would be well served if they learned nothing else but that!

Walt Curran
Ocean View

Reader discusses free television options


A lot of you, if not all of you, are unaware that you have another option for TV service, and it’s completely free.

It’s no accident that you don’t know, either. It was intentionally kept secret because the pay TV industry didn’t want people to cut the cord in droves in favor of choosing the free option. That’s why they confused the issue and told people that if they were currently paying to do nothing and to keep on paying because the change didn’t affect those who were already paying. It was a very calculated, deceptive and manipulative campaign of misinformation and disinformation.

There are many details for how to make it work ideally, but there it is for anyone who is tired of being enslaved by the monopolies (I say monopolies because there is only one choice of cable service as they worked out non-compete territorial agreements) and tired of being lied to and tired of paying for something that they can get for free. Except, of course, for the initial one-time equipment installation, but after that it’s totally free. So you can say goodbye to overpaying for cable or satellite.

So you see, you’ve been duped and deceived, because they want you to keep paying. I’m one of the few lucky ones or even the first in the area that saw through their lies and have been enjoying it since the beginning, February 2008.

You see, I just happened to be one of the many poor who couldn’t afford the luxury of paying for cable and was using rabbit ears. We could only get two measly snow channels. That’s it! Those who can’t and couldn’t afford cable know what I mean. Now I’m getting all the network channels available OTA (over the air), which amounts to 15 solid signal channels and about 10 more farther away channels on any given night. I miss nothing, including all the local sports programming.

Anything that’s on regular broadcast TV, I get, and for free! This is a very big deal here in the country where we are far away from the nearest broadcast tower and where nearly everyone pays for TV. And it’s not cheap, either. Think of how nice it would be to not have to pay a TV bill every month. That’s approximately a savings of about $1,200 a year, on average; of course, it depends on how much you pay every month.

Personally, I enjoy watching the comedies and only the comedies and I mute the commercials, of course. Because I don’t enjoy being manipulated and lied to; and don’t get me started on the news programming. As I’m writing this I’m enjoying “Hot in Cleveland” on channel 40.1, NBC out of Cape May, N.J. It just started, and before yesterday I enjoyed “Everybody Loves Raymond.”

However, what makes me lucky (blessed and fortunate) is that I just happened to live with a man who knew about wire, electricity, frequencies and airwaves, and he knew what to look for equipment-wise when researching online. Because it’s not just as easy as buying any old antenna or even the latest one advertised on TV of late, called BuyClearTV.com — the flat one shown being used on a boat. You’ve seen it.

Of course, this is just a summary and there’s more need-to-know details to make it work ideally and best, which I’m more than happy to share with anyone. Just ask. So aren’t you ready to cut the cord and start saving some big money and stop the enslavement to paying for something that you barely watch? Just think of what you could do with that cash. Check it out; you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Been enjoying the secret free TV option for over six years.

Susan Rush
Ocean View

Inland Bays, Markell talk clean water


The Inland Bays Foundation and the League of Women Voters invite you to join us and Gov. Markell at Irish Eyes restaurant in Lewes on Oct. 16 for our “Love Our Inland Bays Dinner.” Details for the event can be found … at www.inlandbaysfoundation.org.

Regrettably, each of our inland bays are impaired (polluted) and do not meet the “fishable and swimmable” criteria established by the 1972 Clean Water Act. In fact, 94 percent of Delaware’s waterways do not support healthy fish and aquatic life and 86 percent of Delaware’s waters are not safe for swimming. These statistics place Delaware in the minority inasmuch as 60 percent of our nation’s assessed waters do — repeat — do support aquatic life uses.

Last winter, Gov. Markell introduced an initiative called “Clean Water for Delaware’s Future.” Unfortunately, it was not a priority with our State’s General Assembly because it was an election year. Our dinner will give our governor an opportunity to discuss clean water for Delaware. The citizens of Delaware deserve fishable and swimmable waters just as much as the majority of Americans who already have it.

So, please join us on Oct. 16 at Irish Eyes in Lewes, along with 159 other Delawareans, and show your support for “fishable and swimmable” waters for our inland bays.

Ron Wuslich, President
Inland Bays Foundation