This election week is a significant one, indeed

Voters, you are on the clock.

After months of hearing from political candidates and their supporters, it is now officially time for the voters to take center stage in numerous elections that impact our area greatly.

For starters, we turn our attention to Bethany Beach — the resort hub for our community — and this weekend will feature a town council election where five candidates are vying for four seats. Incumbents Jack Gordon, Rosemary Hardiman, Lew Killmer and Margaret Bogan Young, along with challenger Bruce Frye, will all be on the ballot Saturday, and this figures to be an interesting election.

A pair of significant primary elections will also take place on Tuesday, as two Democrats and two Republicans will face off for Sussex County Councilman Vance Phillips’ seat. Phillips will face Rob Arlett in the Republican primary, while Bob Wheatley and Brad Connor will go head-to-head in the Democrat primary. These are four well-known figures in the community, and it will be interesting to see how things fall when all the ballots are tabulated. It certainly appears to be setting the scene for a hotly-contested general election in November.

As has been our policy since starting this paper, there are no letters to the editor this week regarding elections. Our reasoning is two-fold: First, any inflammatory statements will not be able to be disputed by the candidates before the election. And, second, we offer our readers Q&A responses from the candidates themselves.

We also decided when we started the Coastal Point that we would not endorse candidates. That decision was based more on perception than reality. If we were to put our support behind a particular candidate, our basic reporting on the races could be questioned. We decided to simply remove any room for questions and just provide facts and candidate responses. It is our belief that a well-informed voter base will make decisions that best benefit the community, so we try to offer as much information as we can, and trust the people to make wise choices.

Get out and take advantage of your right to vote. It affects us all.