Letters to the Editor — August 22, 2014

In accordance with Coastal Point editorial policy, the last issue in which letters to the editor regarding the Sept. 6 Bethany Beach Town Council election and Sept. 9 primary races will be published is our Aug. 29 issue. All letters regarding these races or their candidates must be received by 4 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 25, in order to be published.

Reader has concerns with area Internet


I am an owner of a property in South Bethany and have tried to work from here this summer. Mediacom’s Internet access is so slow and so sketchy that I am down hours each day, waiting for it to come up. We have purchased new equipment, reported our challenges.

I cannot spend months out here if I cannot depend on this service. If my theory that it’s a truly underpowered operation is true, then it may preclude businesses and retirees from staying in the area, spending their money.

Michael MacNair
Alexandria, Va., and South Bethany

Reader: It’s not County Council’s money


I really find it disgusting when County Council grants a request for money. I don’t begrudge the funds going to the worthy causes, just that County Council acts like it’s their money. It is not — the money they use as a “discretionary fund” is taken from the citizens of Sussex County through taxes.

If they are so magnanimous, dig into their own pockets, not mine. At the very least, the check should state that it is from the citizens, not the County Council. Attempting to curry votes is another subtle issue to be considered.

Character matters, and we need a new one — vote for Rob Arlett.

Richard McKinley

Olmstead weighs in on Bethany election


After serving on the Bethany Beach Town Council for 10 years, last year I made the decision not to seek another term. Over these recent years, I believe the majority of Bethany voters approve of the way Town Council decisions have been made. Council members first take time to gather information, consider and discuss both sides of issues and seek public input before a final vote.

It is, to a large extent, because of the people that have been elected to serve that Bethany continues to be the desirable destination that so many enjoy.

Bethany Beach citizens understand that those seeking office must have as their primary goal the best interests of our town and its citizens. From time to time, candidates come forth because of a single issue or specific negative concern but are not usually successful. Let’s always hope we elect those who put their name forth so that they might contribute in a positive way for Bethany Beach.

Jack Gordon and Lew Killmer are certainly two such people. Having served with both of them for several years, I personally know of their unbiased approach as issues are worked through. Town Council members, of course, don’t always initially agree, but after open discussion and sincere consideration of an issue, strive toward mutual resolution that will best serve Bethany.

Both Jack Gordon and Lew Killmer have in the past, and will continue in the future, to serve Bethany well if reelected.

Rosemary Hardiman, completing Mayor Tony McClenny’s Town Council term after he unexpectedly became ill this past year, is a candidate I hope you will join me in voting for this election. Rosemary has previously served on town committees, including as chair of the Communications Committee, and also as an election judge during past elections. Her knowledge of the town has been an asset, as she in this short time has been a full participant in council discussions and decision-making.

Rosemary’s background as an attorney makes her well qualified for deliberating issues. It is evident at Town Council meetings that she studies the issues, asks pertinent questions and seeks input from Bethany citizens. It will greatly benefit Bethany for Rosemary to be elected this September.

Bruce Frye, after serving on various town committees and attending Town Council meeting regularly over the past years, has now put his name forth for your consideration. I believe Bruce has made this decision based on his sincere interest in Bethany and his willingness to offer his time and talents to our town. In my view, Bruce would make a good choice and bring a new voice.

In my view, these are the candidates that will best represent you for the next two years on the Bethany Beach Town Council.

Carol Olmstead
Bethany Beach

Resident supports Young staying in office


On Sept. 6 I will be voting to re-elect Margaret Young to a fourth term on the Bethany Beach Town Council. She supports a progressive Bethany with a quiet, small-town appeal.

Margaret first came to town as a child in the 1940’s, as did I. Together, we have seen a great deal of growth and many changes. Yet Bethany as been able to keep its charm. Margaret is determined to preserve this small-town appeal.

I have known her to be honest, dedicated and loyal to her constituents. There is no issue/problem that she will not tackle and try to solve in a timely manner. She has helped me and several of my friends on quite a few occasions. She is an active voice for the citizens of Bethany.

Margaret has been involved in town government and social issues all her adult life. She can be seen working at her church, managing the volunteers for the farmers’ market, which she helped to found, trying to find ways to solve the flooding and drainage problems, being the watchful eye for the historical society by co-authoring the new publication “Bethany Beach: A Walk Through History” and leading the debate on the controversial rezoning issue. These are just a few of her endeavors.

Margaret does not compromise her principles. She is not afraid to ask thought provoking questions. On the council she votes her conscience, even when her vote may not be the popular vote. She wants Bethany Beach to be the true quiet resort.

Keep your voice alive. Vote to re-elect Margaret Young for a fourth term.

Kathleen Carmody Rowe
Bethany Beach

Reader puts support behind Young


In the upcoming Bethany Beach election there is only one candidate, Margaret Young, who is independent and asks the hard questions. Open discussion, transparency and the welcoming of dissenting views serve to protect and preserve the uniqueness of Bethany Beach.

A vote for Margaret Young is a vote for progress, tempered with careful consideration of the lasting impact on our town. We should promote robust debate and avoid “group thinking.” Re-elect Margaret Young.

Nancy Sager
Bethany Beach

Reader supports Wheatley in race


As we move closer to the 2014 elections, the man I am most impressed with in our local races is longtime businessman Bob Wheatley, candidate for Sussex County Council in the 5th District.

While working with Delmarva Power, I had the opportunity to work closely with Bob on several projects. I found him to be an honest, hard-working person. This is a man who has devoted more than two decades of his life to public service with the county’s Planning & Zoning Commission, being reappointed time after time by County Council Democrats and Republicans alike.

He is also extremely connected to the local community through his many years running his own business, as well as his involvement in many civic, religious and charitable organizations.

Bob Wheatley does his homework and has some great ideas when it comes to the actual issues. From economic development to fire and emergency services to managed growth in the county, I believe Bob has the best plan for the future.

That’s why Bob Wheatley has my support in the Democratic primary on Sept. 9 and will have it again in the general election in November.

I urge all voters of the 5th District to do the same!

Sherman “Snuffy” Smith

Steele makes his selections known


Voting in Bethany Beach!

What could be more simple?

Three men and a woman!

Jack Gordon

Lew Kilmer

Bruce Frye

Rosemary Hardiman

These three men have been heavily involved with the town for a long time. Their experience is outstanding!

How could you not vote for them?

Rosemary has been involved with the flooding issue just after I left Council.

She has her own mind and she knows what she believes.

She has experience in the areas of the town’s business that matters.

So, please cast your votes, as I will, for Jack, Lew, Bruce and Rosemary!

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach