LSLL, District III pull off another succesful Series

Lower Sussex Little League and District III have now hosted Softball World Series events in Roxana for 11 consecutive years. And for 11 consecutive years, they have done an exemplary job.

For the first nine years, they hosted the Senior League Softball World Series, and many of us watched with open mouths as the event got bigger and bigger every summer. There appeared to be more fans, more volunteers and a steadier flow to its operations each and every year.

Then last year they added the Big League Softball World Series to their efforts — opening up another field of play, adding one more round of action a day and coordinating the logistics of twice as many athletes, coaches and parents. More people, more problems? Maybe. But not to the naked eye. To those of us who observed the tournaments, things appeared to have run tight and on schedule all week.

The Lower Sussex Little League people once again did an amazing job playing host, and District III, led by the tireless Martin Donovan, put on a tournament that will certainly be remembered fondly by the athletes for decades to come as they look back at their time in Roxana.

Torrential downpour just as the games were ready to start Sunday afternoon? You bet. The rain came down so quickly and with such force it simply washed away the additive for the soil organizers used in case of rain. But ground crews from throughout District III got on the fields quickly, and two of the three fields were up and running within a few hours. They ran extra games on those two fields, played past 1 a.m. and kept to their schedule for the rest of the week.

It was the absolute best performance someone could expect from organizers and groundskeepers, and it was probably the most critical thing that happened throughout the week as far as keeping things on schedule. During a week when there were two World Series happening at the same venue at the same time, it was critical.

We tip our hats to the organizers of this year’s games, as well as the volunteers who dedicated their time and energy to giving these exceptional athletes a time they will always treasure.