Letters to the Editor — August 8, 2014

Reader supports Wheatley in campaign


Regarding code of ethics discussion between 5th District County Council candidates, it seems like the candidates that have the most to say about it actually know the least. In a recent newspaper article, Rob Arlett admitted to not having investigated the issue, but went on to say much anyway.

Brad Connor, Councilwoman Joan Deaver’s hand-picked candidate, accused the County Council of “playing politics with the issue,” but he didn’t even bother to attend the Public Integrity Commission presentation at County Council.

Also, he has been in Dagsboro town government for several years. Why hasn’t he proposed a code of ethics for the Town of Dagsboro? Looks like Deaver and Connor are ones playing politics by trying to create an issue to campaign on.

Politics or no, it’s clear that Bob Wheatley did the research on the issue and has offered a practical solution. Apparently, Wheatley has caught the attention of the current County Council because his proposal makes perfect sense in promoting the current code of ethics system our state taxes already pay for and keeping local politics out of it.

Bob Wheatley has the right idea. We need his straightforward problem-solving approach in county government. We need Bob Wheatley on County Council.

Carl Alesi

Arlett explains campaign priorities


There are many issues that come before the Sussex County Council. I am a candidate for the Fifth Council District because I have ideas, energy and a sense of commitment to our wide-ranging district. My focus for the campaign is to “Preserve the Past, Plan for the Future.”

Economic development is one of the big issues. We have four core industries here in Sussex County: agriculture, tourism, real estate services and construction, and various government entities. We need more manufacturing and employment opportunities from the private sector, along with better education.

Tourism: We are bound by one of the world’s busiest waterways, the Delaware Bay and River. Recently two state representatives and David Small, our new DNREC director, spoke publicly about building up the benefits of our natural beauties while keeping our air and waters clean.

The possibilities are endless for encouraging biking on our country roads, kayaking and boating on the Nanticoke River or the Inland Bays. The Bed & Breakfast Biking Tours, so popular in the early 2000s, can make a comeback. Birding tours should abound since we’re located on a major migratory path in the Mid-Atlantic. The arts in western and mid-Sussex (such as the Nanticoke Arts Council) need encouragement and support.

Agriculture: The factor that generates success in our agribusiness is the easy access to the highway network; we are less than five hours away from the New York, Newark markets; two hours to Philadelphia, Wilmington, Baltimore and Washington markets. We should celebrate our farmers, their hard work and getting goods to market. Now that poultry litter is pelletized and farmers work closely with UD and DNREC initiatives, we can enjoy the fruits of their labor without worrying about ground water.

Real estate services and construction: Everyone wants to move to the beach, but remember all of the fine small communities in western and central Sussex. These towns are safe, healthy places to raise a family and, as soon as we encourage more companies like Pats at the Georgetown Airport, plus other manufacturers, to set up shop here, we’ll have jobs for your kids so they don’t have to leave the peninsula. Jobs = homes = construction = real estate = schools = business. You could say jobs to the fifth power (J-5).

Education: We need to improve our schools and grow the university presence in Sussex County. University of Delaware should open full four-year bachelor of arts and science programs in Georgetown. In our elementary and secondary schools, discipline, the work ethic and classic learning must return. More parent involvement is a must.

Rob Arlett
Candidate for Fifth Councilmatic District

Reader: Fix Woodland Avenue the right way


I would like to respond to a letter to the editor printed a couple weeks ago regarding the Woodland Avenue question of one-way traffic.

First, I would like to commend the Town for the sidewalks. I don’t find them useless at all. As a resident of this road for 50 years, it is the first time I can walk along Woodland Avenue safely. Also, the sidewalks are used constantly by joggers, walkers and bikers (as there is no bike path along this road).

As far as Woodland becoming a one-way street, I would have to agree with the letter to the editor by Tom Keeley. I can only imagine the hardship we would face as Woodland Avenue residents.

If it were to be one-way west to east, we would have to go to the West Avenue light, which is already a nightmare, sit through probably three cycles before being able to go west on Atlantic Avenue, then coming in contact with yet another traffic signal before getting to the shops at the end of Cedar.

If it were to go east to west, we would go to the end of Cedar with no problem, to shops in that area, then, to come home, would have to become part of already backed-up beach traffic Atlantic Avenue to get to West Avenue to get back to Woodland and home.

I agree — please repair Woodland Avenue correctly, instead of patch jobs that won’t last.

Dee Bennett
Ocean View

Community Lutheran offers update


Community Lutheran Church has completed two weeks of our Mobile Mar-Lu-Ridge Day Camp. We had 28 campers. Most campers attended both weeks, with a few only attending one week.

This was an amazing experience for campers, Mar-Lu-Ridge counselors and our CLC volunteers. The theme was 1 John 4:16: “So we have known and believe the love that God has for us. God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God, and God abides in them.”

Our Mar-Lu-Ridge counselors led the program. CLC provided the support: housing the counselors, providing the space, registering campers, planning trips, feeding the campers and counselors, and helping with other activities as needed. The camp is funded through a grant from Lutheran Home & Hospital Foundation Inc. and CLC.

Many hands have contributed to the success of our day camp. In addition to the volunteers from Community Lutheran, we are grateful for the support provided by local businesses. We appreciate and are thankful for the gift cards that were provided by BJ’s, Harris Teeter, Giant and Food Lion which were used to buy camp supplies.

The Ministry to Families & Children brings the Good News of Jesus Christ to our own children and children in the community.

Thanks be to God.

Sandra Wachter-Myers
Community Lutheran Church

Phillips receives support from minister


This letter is in reference to my friend Vance Phillips. I have dealt with Vance for a few years and have always found that he is a benevolent, caring and unselfish individual that will help others in any way he is capable. He has always shared his time, knowledge and resources with others individually and corporately when asked if the situation was beneficial in any way.

Vance is a sixth-generation farmer in Sussex County and understands the people in a way that many others are not able to do so. He has served on the Sussex County Council for many years, with the betterment of the Sussex County continually in his thoughts and actions. I am sure he always utilizes his conscience and weighs out the pros and cons of the many matters he has had to make decisions on when it involves affecting the citizens of Sussex County.

Just as many of us have had to face our circumstances, be they positive or negative, Vance has always faced his head on and has not given in to peer pressure nor influence by others to change his decisions if he felt it was wrong or just to try and appease others in the process.

It is with admiration and humility that I am able to call Vance Phillips my friend and my choice for Sussex County Council. Whenever I call or have a need, Vance is the first one to lend an ear, support and advice when asked. May God bless Vance in all he does and undertakes today and in the future.

Rev. Donald L. Disharoon
Philemon Ministries of Delaware

Cottage tour a hit, thanks to many


As chair of the 23rd Annual Beach and Bay Cottage Tour, it is my pleasure to offer my most sincere appreciation and gratitude to everyone responsible for helping to make this year’s tour an outstanding success. This annual tour is held in support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center in Bethany Beach.

Special thanks go out to the exceptional committee members: Carrie Boyden, Carol Brigleb, Barbara Carlson, Thea Chandross, Faith Denault, Sharon Dillon, Linda Farestad, Dick Fox, Joan Gordon, David Green, Meaghan Green, Lindy Griffith, Peg Healy, Carol Kopay, Charlie Kopay, Linda Kulin, Linda Manning, Judy Marcucelli, Lois McNamara, Dick Oliver, Janet Parham, Donna Philpitt, Eileen Quigley, Maureen Rayborn, Karen Taylor and Marylou Tietz. These men and women worked hundreds of hours throughout the year in the coordination, preparation and execution of the tour.

Also, this event would not happen without the dedicated 450-plus volunteers who return to us annually, serving as hostess coordinators, hostesses, ticket sellers, traffic coordinators, parkers, advertising sales and raffle sales. Thanks to all!

We are indebted to the 10 homeowners who loaned us their homes for the two days of the tour. We thank Ann and Don Boteler, Carol and Dick Brigleb, Jen and Scott Edmonston, Patty Warren and Roy Forey, Julie May, Linda and Bruce Pollekoff, Lana Richards, Denise and Mark Siciliano, Kathy and Ron Serabian and Kathleen and Rick Wheeler. We thank you for your graciousness in sharing your homes!

The Adopt-a-House program worked wonderfully again this year, and thanks go to the following local organizations for their support in providing coordinators and hostesses in the homes: the Barefoot Gardeners of Fenwick Island, Bay Forest Homeowners, Bear Trap Dunes Friends, Bethany Lakes Book Club, Cripple Creek Ladies Club, Gardeners By the Sea, Lord Baltimore Women’s Club, Salt Pond Women’s Club, Shore Democrats, South Bethany Women’s Club, Villages of Southampton HOA, Women’s Civic Club of Bethany Beach and the Women’s Council of Realtors (WCR). In addition, we have many other hosts and hostesses who volunteered outside of these organizations, and to you we send many thanks.

Our raffles were a huge success, and for that we thank the six restaurants who donated gift cards: Magnolia’s Seafood Bar & Grill, Mancini’s, Matt’s Fish Camp, Off the Hook, The Parkway restaurant and Sedona. We also owe gratitude to the six local artists who donated wonderful pieces of art for the raffle: Carol Dyer, Aubrè Duncan, Tara Funk Grim, Laura Hickman, Jeanne Mueller and Cheryl Wisbrock. Thanks to each of you for your support!

Without the many advertisers in our booklet, the tote bag sponsors and the many generous donors who made financial contributions, the tour would not be so successful, and to them we offer our sincere thanks. To the Beebe Medical Center, who has provided the tour with booties for many years, you have our sincere thanks and appreciation. We hope we can count on your support in 2015!

To the Towns of Bethany Beach, Fenwick Island, Ocean View and South Bethany, we thank you for your cooperation in coordinating the parking logistics for our tour participants. We appreciate your help! We also thank St. Matthew’s By the Sea in Fenwick Island for offering their parking lot to our tour attendees.

Special thanks go to our local newspapers and publications that give us so much advance coverage of this event. Your support over the years has helped us tremendously.

Finally, thanks to all of you who attended the 23rd Beach & Bay Cottage Tour. We hope that you enjoyed all of the homes and we look forward to hosting you at next year’s tour. Mark your calendars for Wednesday and Thursday, July 22 and July 23, 2015, and be sure to make your reservations early!

For updated tour information, visit our website at www.beachandbaycottagetour.com and like us on Facebook.

Again, thanks to all of you for your continued support of the South Coastal Library & Cultural Center.

Kathy Green, Chair
2014 Beach & Bay Cottage Tour

Reader wary of pro-business stance


In regards to the recent action of the town council of allowing Mr. Burbage to pays the fees related to the hotel complex on the Bethany boardwalk, I would like to state a couple of observations.

As Jack Walsh and Margaret Young have stated, Mr. Burbage is a businessman and he knew what his financial obligations would be and he should be prepared to meet them as anyone else should be.

I actually can see the Town giving him a break, given the amount involved. But it should be noted that others building their own houses may be proportionately affected the same as Mr. Burbage, but I suspect they were not given a payment plan option. As J. Paul Getty Jr. once said, “The rich have the same problems as others — you just add zeroes.” The converse is also true.

The other thought that comes to mind is as I read some of the council members’ rationalized comments, I couldn’t help having the image in my mind black-and-white 1950s films of a hot humid Southern town’s municipal meeting room where all the politicians are wearing loose-fitting white suits, mopping their brows and swatting flies under a slowly spinning ceiling fan while discussing how to keep the local mill owner happy.

Mind you that I do think our town is generally well run by well-intentioned people, but I’m having trouble reconciling the new big-business aspect that Mr. Burbage has brought to town under the heading of “progress” with the down-home, relaxed Bethany that I’ve known and loved for five decades. I don’t think the council has figured that out either.

Neil Hopper
Bethany Beach

Marines grateful for support of event


The First State Detachment of the Marine Corps League Ocean View thanks all of the players and sponsors who supported and contributed to the success of our 9th Annual Golf Tournament.

The First State Detachment would like to especially thank the following businesses; organizations and individuals for their generous support:

Ocean City Golf Club; Buddy Sass and staff; Ben Ogle; financial advisor for Edward Jones; Ray Nordstrom- Courtesy Chevrolet-Cadillac; Mike Pfingst-Etch-Art Awards; George Smith – Racetrack Auto Center; American Legion Post 166;VFW Post 8296; Alban Tractor Co.; Bear Trap Dunes Golf Club; Nantucket’s Restaurant; Ruddo’s Golf; River Run Golf Club; Heritage Shores Golf Club; Carousel Hotel; Ocean Resorts Golf Club; Giant Food; Bayside Golf Club; Mio Fratello Italian Steakhouse; De Novo’s Trattoria; The Shark on the Harbor; Lobster Shanty; Eagles Landing Golf Club; Sunset Grille; Robin Walter Salon & Day Spa; Deer Run Golf Club; Headlines; Mediacom; Pepsi Bottling Co.; Eastern Shore Golf Magazine; Dicks Sporting Goods; Bryan Taylor, Legendary Leader Boards; Peninsula Golf Club; Baywood Greens Golf Club; Glen Riddle Golf Club; The Links at Lighthouse Sound Golf Club; DiFebo’s Italian Grill; Baywood Clubhouse restaurant; Taylor’s Restaurant; Richard and Ellen Ocheltree; Old Pro Golf; Chuck and Mary Lou Erwin; Ruth Briggs King; Patti’s Hallmark Shop; OC Convention & Visitor Bureau; Fred Wise, commandant, Department of Delaware, MCL; OC Elks Lodge 2645 Ladies Auxiliary; Connor Jacobsen Realty; First Shore Federal Bank; Elks Lodge 2645 Golf associates; Ocean Lanes Bowling; Chuck and Ellen Erbe, Blue Sky Management; De Palma Dental; Jack and Mary Watson; Frank and Alexandra Mathers; BJ’s on the Water; Anthony’s Beer, Wine, Deli, Liquors; B&G Heating & Air; Dick and Diane Tanner; Rich and Paula McGhee; Atlantic Physical Therapy; Atlantic Health & Fitness; Casino at Ocean Downs; Brian and Christine Selzer, Merrill Lynch; and Dr. Donald Hattier, Beach View Chiropractic Center.

Frank Mathers, Commandant
First State Detachment Marine Corps League

Reader: Fresh faces and ideas needed


Sussex County Council needs more than a class in ethics, they need to look at a fresh way of doing the “business of the people.” One such fresh face is that of Robert Arlett, a candidate for the fifth district council seat. He has a plan to “Preserve the Past and Plan for the Future.”

Rob has read and understands the Constitution and is fully aware of the seriousness in taking the oath of office. Rob is of good moral character and easily reached for answers to your questions and receptive to your thoughts and ideas.

Sandy McKinley

DelTech proud to introduce Brainard


I am pleased to announce that Dr. Mark T. Brainard has been named the fifth president of Delaware Technical Community College, effective Aug. 4, 2014.

This appointment was the result of a vote by the Board of Trustees at a special board meeting on Aug. 4, following the decision of Dr. Murray Hoy to decline the presidential post last month. The appointment concludes a search launched in March, led by a selection committee comprised of four Board members and coordinated by the Association of Community College Trustees.

Mark has all of the qualities we were hoping to find in a president. He has high intellectual and emotional intelligence, and cares passionately about student success and improving the lives of Delawareans through education.

As a graduate of Delaware Tech, Mark brings an inherent understanding of and commitment to the mission of the College. His breadth and depth of diverse, professional experience, along with his strong relationships with college stakeholders throughout Delaware, will serve him and the college extremely well as he leads the institution in the future.

As you are aware, Mark has been serving as the college’s interim president since July 1. For the past year, Mark served as executive vice president and worked collaboratively with Dr. George to provide strategic thinking and direction for all administrative areas and day-to-day responsibility for management of the major operational divisions through the one-college governance structure.

In addition, Mark has more than 25 years of experience successfully leading initiatives in higher education, business, government and legislative arenas throughout Delaware. … Please join me in congratulating Mark in his new role — I look forward to his leadership of this great institution for many years to come!

Mark S. Stellini, Chairman
Board of Trustees,
Delaware Technical Community College

Reader offers a vote for Rosemary Hardiman


I am pleased to provide my endorsement for Rosemary Hardiman for election to the Town Council.

I’ve known Rosemary a number of years and was impressed with the interest and enthusiasm she exhibited in our town government during my five years on the Town Council.

She has served and chaired the Town’s Communication Committee for more than four years. During that time the committee focused a great deal on the content for the Town website, with the goal of making as much useful information as possible available to citizens.

Needless to say, two-way communications is an important attribute when serving on the Council. I was somewhat surprised to learn later on that Rosemary had an undergraduate degree in communications that she had received from St. John’s University in New York!

Rosemary also served on the Sussex County Library Advisory Board (recently elected vice president) and Delaware Council on Libraries that provided her with the experience in working cooperatively with various levels of government within the state. These skills relate directly to the Town’s ongoing issues associated with beach replenishment, maintaining infrastructure and the effects of land development within and outside of Bethany Beach.

Rosemary’s continuous active involvement in volunteer activities in the community is commendable. Her professional education and work experience as an attorney is an asset to the Council. It has provided her with the tools necessary for problem solving Town issues in a fair and appropriate manner.

Rosemary Hardiman, in my opinion, if elected, will provide the energy, experience and leadership qualities needed to optimize the governmental process that will help improve the quality of life for the Town of Bethany Beach.

Please join me in electing Rosemary Hardiman to the Town Council in the upcoming election on Sept. 6, 2014.

Jack Walsh
Bethany Beach