Author of locally-set ‘Sandy Shorts’ to appear in Bethany

Nancy Powichroski Sherman, author of Sandy Shorts, will appear at Bethany Beach Books, at 99 Garfield Parkway in Bethany Beach, on Aug. 18 at 6:30 p.m. to sign books, answer questions and talk about her inspirations for the stories in the book. The stories are set in Bethany Beach, Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Dewey Beach and other coastal towns and reference local restaurants, beaches, bars, stores and other familiar locations.

“Surprisingly, the cottage is exactly as Dana, our coworker, had described it — a yellow-shingled house with intense blue wooden shutters and a wide front porch with a small balcony above it — a classic Bethany Beach cottage, and less than two blocks from the boardwalk,” begins “That Kind of Girl,” one of two stories in Sandy Shorts that are set in Bethany Beach.

Through a mix-up, the women have rented the Bethany Beach cottage for the same week that a pair of men — friends of Dana’s ex-husband — have rented it. The resulting confusion yields humor, romance and fun.

Nancy Powichroski Sherman is an award-winning author who has already written some beach reads. Two of her stories were chosen for “The Beach House,” a book of beach reads set in Rehoboth. The stories in “Sandy Shorts” that are set in Bethany Beach mention the boardwalk, Bethany Beach Books, Mango’s, the Artful Bean and other local spots.

“Bethany Beach is a great backdrop for a beach read,” said Sherman. “On the surface, it is a quiet little town, but there is so much happening here.”

The cover of the book features an illustration by local artist Patti Shreeve, whose work often appears in Delaware Beach Life and other publications. It is designed to capture the spirit of the book, and the title’s play on words, with two pairs of beach shorts capturing a summer breeze on a clothesline. The drawing continues on the back of the book, where a towel on the same clothesline serves as a backdrop for information about the book.

“Sandy Shorts” is available at Bethany Beach Books in Bethany Beach and at independent bookstores in other coastal towns. For more information, visit the publishing company’s website at or its Facebook page,