Letters to the Editor — July 11, 2014

Connor continues call for county ethics


When I began my campaign, I said I was going to introduce a Code of Ethics into the Sussex County Council when I was elected. I also put this on my literature and have highlighted it every time I have given remarks. It is still my intention to do this when I am elected. This is not a joke and should not be taken lightly. There should be no reason that our County should not be governed by people of integrity that have proven responsible leadership.

The Delaware State Code of Ethics (Title 29) includes the following: It is the desire of the General Assembly that all counties, municipalities and towns adopt code of conduct legislation at least as stringent as this act to apply to their employees and elected and appointed officials.

Kent and New Castle counties have elected to follow this law and have adopted their own code of Ethics. So should Sussex.

Brad Connor

RBMS grateful for support with fireworks


Rehoboth Beach Main Street (RBMS) would like to thank the local community, the Fireworks Committee, and all the generous sponsors and donors who contributed to make downtown Rehoboth’s 2014 fireworks a blast! The commitment to this event is greatly appreciated and could not be done without a supportive community effort.

The Rehoboth Beach Main Street fireworks show would not be possible without the collaboration of RBMS Fireworks Chair Kathy McGuiness, the City of Rehoboth Beach, Rehoboth fire and police officials, Delaware State Police, DelDOT, DART, Sussex County EMS, Zambelli Pyrotechnical Team, the Coast Guard, the State Fire Marshal’s Office, Rehoboth Beach lifeguards and more.

The downtown Rehoboth Fireworks are funded entirely by generous businesses, residents and visitors. A special thank-you to the following major donors: William E. Cross Foundation ($8,000); Seaside Amusement/Funland ($5,000); Nicola Pizza ($3,000); Joni Reich ($1,500); Grotto Pizza ($1,500); Cozach Rehoboth LLC ($1,000); Maplewood Dental Associates ($1,000); Rehoboth Beach Homeowners Association ($1,000); Country Club Estates Property Owners Assoc. Inc. ($1,000); Sandhill Homes LLC ($1,000); County Bank ($1,000); Jack Lingo, Inc. Realtor ($1,000).

For additional information about our year-round beach town and special events, visit www.downtownrehoboth.com, or call (302) 227-2772. See you downtown!

Rehoboth Beach Main Street

Reader endorses environmental analysis


Birdsong Gardens was a subcontractor studying the bioremediation ability of duckweed in 2012 through NSF SBIR Grant 1215076. Pond water which drains into the Indian River was used in the study.

The water, with a nitrate level of 2.2 (PPM) and phosphate level of 0.6 (PPM), was placed into a lined lagoon and duckweed was introduced. After one week, the nitrate level was less than 1.1 (PPM) and the phosphate level was zero. After two weeks, the nitrate level was also zero. Duckweed, an aquatic floating plant, is fast-growing and can become a valuable tool in reaching the EPA’s water-quality goals.

The Center for Environmental Science at the University of Maryland did an analysis of the duckweed grown in the NSF study and concluded that there is a significant argument to expand the study to the field. Anybody who is associated with an environmental group should demand that that group subcontract a field study, which may be the only way to reach the EPA’s milestones.

David O. Rickards