Letters to the Editor — June 20, 2014

Super G gets thanks from Writers’ Guild


Some companies talk about giving back to the community and the importance of outreach programs. The Super G of Millville doesn’t just talk the talk. For seven years, they have donated space to allow a small non-profit to conduct FreeWrites for two hours on Friday mornings.

FreeWrites are free community events where anyone with an interest in writing can gather to work creatively. This could not happen without a convenient meeting place. Over 30 writers have benefited from the Super Giant’s generosity these past seven years.

The Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild thanks Mike Long, former manager, and current manager Mark Kane and their staff for sharing their workplace.

Frank Minni
Rehoboth Beach Writers’ Guild

He’s back! Steele weighs in on world


I am sorry Sen. T. Carper canceled his “Town Hall” meeting with BBLA members. It would have been interesting to hear his take on Pres. O’s “successful Iraqi Policy.”

Then again, maybe he wouldn’t want to mention it. Maybe he would have talked about trading five top-level executives for an AWOL sergeant? Maybe he would have talked about the successful immigration policy and how the Dreamers are doing by coming by bus to Arizona and Texas? How about the Border Patrol spending so much time inside buildings managing the youngsters, here without parents, that they cannot successfully stop gang members from MS-13 and possibly ISIS terrorists from coming across the border?

Maybe he would have talked about the IRS and the missing electronic emails to and from Lois Lerner? He probably would have told us that the IRS is required to keep a paper copy of all emails generated by her office. I kinda doubt it!

How about mentioning the fact that there was no check system to see who qualified for subsidies for O-care and now we see that there may be up to 2 million people who will have to pay some or all of the money back. Better late than never!

Maybe he would have mention the fact that we had and have so many veterans waiting for health care, and the bipartisan answer is always the same: give the VA more money. Seriously?

Maybe he would have talked about Global Warming, I mean Climate Change, or whatever the new name that is currently being used to fit their agenda? Maybe he would have talked about the Sea Level rising because of the melting West Shelf of Antarctica caused by us humans in the United States? You see, you are a fool to be a Denier, because the science is settled.

N.Y. Times talked about the coming Ice Age in the 1920s. Time Magazine had three cover stories about the coming of the new Ice Age in the 1970s. We were going to die because of the cold. Now the new story is we are going to drown because of Sea Level flooding the coast of Delaware.

Did you know that the University of Texas found a volcano under the West Shelf of Antarctica and the geo-thermal water is and has been melting the shelf? Did you know that there has been no — I said no — significant temperature change in the last 10-plus years? What’s up with that?

If you would research the info I mentioned above, you would be well-equipped to question Sen. Carper whenever he comes, if he comes at all. My info on Global Warming came from the website the Global Warming Policy Foundation, thegwpf.org. My information on the NYT and Time Magazine came directly from them. Just Google anything, and you can get answers.

Do not believe me; if you do, do as President Reagan said, “Trust, but verify!”

Harry Steele
Bethany Beach

Reader grateful for support from State


I’ve watched as many of my friends, family and neighbors have become family caregivers to help their parents, spouses and other loved ones live independently, at home — instead of costly nursing homes. I’ve noticed the remarkable things they’ve done, and also the challenges they’ve faced — like having no ability to take a break from 24/7 care, missed work time and financial hardship. I know more can be done to support them.

Family caregivers in Delaware alone provide $1.5 billion each year in unpaid care — performing tasks ranging from household chores to medical/nursing tasks, like managing medications and cleaning feeding tubes. Yet, few have any training to carry out these sometimes-complex tasks.

This year, AARP Delaware worked with Majority Leader Longhurst, Rep. Barbieri and Sen. Long-Hall to unanimously pass House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 57 in the Delaware House on May 15, and with Sen. Long-Hall to pass the bill in the Senate on June 5.

The resolution establishes a family caregiving task force to study and make recommendations on how to better support family caregivers and the loved ones they care for. Starting as early as July, the task force would bring together stakeholders from across the state to study Delaware’s policies and programs for family caregivers, to identify gaps and recommend solutions.

The need for action is urgent. Delaware’s population is aging faster than most states. The U.S. Census predicts that, by 2030, the First State will be home to an additional 130,000 individuals 50-plus. Today, family caregiving is the new normal, and family caregivers need help to support Delaware’s quickly aging population.

AARP thanks the House and Senate for recognizing the 202,000 family caregivers in Delaware need our support. More at www.aarp.org/caregiving.

Joan Thomas, AARP Volunteer
Bethany Beach