Hedetniemi honored with Beebe award

Mark Hedetniemi, manager of Beebe’s Rehab Services Department in Georgetown and Millsboro, has been honored with the Beebe Healthcare’s “You make a Difference” Award for May.

Hedetniemi was recognized by his peers and team members for his dedication and enthusiasm as a manager. Representatives said he is known for his commitment to building strong working relationships with his team members in Rehab Services, as well as with those in other departments. Always putting the patient first, they said, Hedetniemi, a physical therapist, successfully and with ease balances his time between supporting his team and giving care to his patients, they said.

“Many of his team members say that he excels in his communication skills. He expresses his opinions in a way that makes people want to consider his point of view and he uses analogies that make sense. Mark is an active participant on several committees and project teams, including the Georgetown Construction Team and the Values Transformation Team. He is a formidable leader for the Outpatient Improvement Team for the education and training of staff.”

Hedetniemi also serves as a co-lead on the Rehab Services Orthopedic Program Development Team and is a mentor for a new manager a Beebe Healthcare’s Wound Care Center.

“As a member of Beebe’s Leadership Book Club, he seems to remember everything he reads and consistently is open to learning new things and applying what he learns to allow constant growth and evolvement of his leadership skills.”

Beebe Healthcare’s “You Make a Difference” (YMAD) employee recognition program, which was established in 2002, gives employees the opportunity to recognize their colleagues for outstanding service. The program is similar to an employee of the month program, but 18 employees can be selected annually.

Each nomination, submitted by fellow employees or management, must meet specific criteria, and is evaluated by the YMAD committee. Winners are announced in a surprise ceremony in which the committee visits the winner in his or her department and presents the award.

Employees selected for the award receive:

? A parking space with sign/plaque for a month;

? A $100 check;

? A letter of congratulations and personal visit from Beebe President and CEO Jeffrey Fried;

? A photo for the wall plaque in the hall outside of the cafeteria;

? A special pin for their badge; and

? A letter to team member’s director and department recognition.