Letters to the Editor — May 16, 2014

Hospice supporter won’t be forgotten


Delaware Hospice lost a long-time supporter and friend with the passing of Dorothy “Dot” Sapp on April 23.

Dot became interested in hospice care when she happened to read an article about Elizabeth Kubler-Ross at the same time that she found herself becoming the primary caregiver to her aging mother. Thus, when Delaware Hospice offered its first volunteer training sessions as Beebe Hospital in Lewes, she signed up.

Dot devoted the next 23 years to serving patients and families. With her strong leadership qualities, she sat on the Board of Trustees for three terms and also agreed to be chair of the first Festival of Trees fundraiser in Sussex County.

On behalf of the Delaware Hospice community and the many families touched by her generosity and compassion, I’d like to recognize this amazing woman and express our appreciation for her contributions over the years.

Susan D. Lloyd, CEO/President
Delaware Hospice Inc.

Reader grateful for staff at Beebe


As I drove my baby Elizabeth to Beebe hospital at 1 a.m. Sunday morning, a huge thought occurred to me. “What if the B-team was on duty at 2 a.m.?” My baby was short of breath, and I wanted the A-team.

The waiting room was empty except for one guy, so I started to relax. Gotta be calm for my baby. First nurse came in and asked us our names and said, “I am Nurse Jackie. How do you feel?” We smiled.

Found out quickly that everyone at Beebe is on the A-team.

From Dr. Ginder in ER to Dr. Raff and Myers in cardiology, from Ashley the “CAT scan lady,” to Dr. Kim — thank you for saving my baby Elizabeth. That includes all the nurses on the fifth floor and Room 536. You have made Mother’s Day extra special for my sons Jason and Jared this year, because our “baby” Elizabeth is my wife, Elizabeth.

Thank you.

Russ Melrath