Fenwick Island becoming a model town

Watching things unfold over recent years, it becomes somewhat evident that Fenwick Island is undertaking a bit of a facelift. While not as dramatic as the massive downtown changes in Bethany Beach through the Streetscape project and impending hotel, the essence of Fenwick Island is changing, and it’s probably not a bad thing.

There was some concern that the town’s farmers’ market might not remain operational after the lot the market had been using at PNC Bank went up for sale, but council members voted recently to provide the market more location choices than before, thus keeping it operational for years to come. Council also voted to approve an exception to town restrictions on outdoor events, opening the figurative door to Ropewalk’s April 26 Oysterfest.

These are both important decisions made by council, even if they don’t immediately appear so on the surface. Keeping the popular farmers’ market in town will ensure that people from all around the community visit the town on a regular basis, and the Oysterfest event is sure to draw people from neighboring towns, and states, to Fenwick Island.

And that has to make all the businesses in town feel good. More people coming to Fenwick Island means potentially more customers. If it also exposes more people to the beauty of Fenwick Island for the first time, that helps the entire town in the future, as those people are almost certain to come back to the town again and again.

Yes, the good vibes are noticeable in Fenwick Island right now, as new businesses appear to be opening up all over. It’s also important to recognize that the town is not going forward without a nod to its treasured traditions. Council also recently voted to accept Steen’s Beach Service’s bid on the town’s beach chair and umbrealla rental concession. Steen’s has been operational since 1963 in the area, and has long been synonymous with our local beaches.

It is vitally important for all our towns to continue to find new ways to grow, while maintaining the charm and tradition that made this area so desireable to begin with over the years. Kudos to Fenwick Island for acting accordingly.