South Bethany Historical Society announces contest

The South Bethany Historical Society (SBHS) is moving forward with plans to publish a SBHS calendar for 2015, but with a different twist. The SBHS will sponsor a photo contest of scenes taken in South Bethany. The winning pictures will be featured in the 2015 calendar, which is expected to be available in the early summer.

Credit will be given to each of the winning photographers and, if feasible, photos will be titled or captioned as suggested by the photographer. Anyone may submit pictures, regardless of where they live. However, the pictures must have been taken in South Bethany.

The SBHS will begin accepting photographs immediately. Entries may be mailed to: SBHS Photo Contest, South Bethany Town Hall, 402 Evergreen Rd., South Bethany, DE 19930, Attention: Maria Johansen.

Pictures may also be emailed to Maria Johansen at:

Each photographer may submit up to three pictures. Contestants must include a statement giving permission to have the pictures published by the SBHS on the calendars if they are selected. Photographers must also include their name, address, phone number(s) and optional email address along with their submissions. Additionally, photographers are being asked to suggest a title or caption for their pictures that reflects the picture’s significance.

Photos that are submitted will become the property of SBHS and will not be returned. Submissions must be received by March 1, 2014. Questions about the contest may be directed to Maria Johansen at (302) 539-8294 or