Letters to the Editor — January 10, 2014

SMS a great learning environment


It seems we hear so many negative things about schools across the country these days. I want to say some positive things I see as an employee of Selbyville Middle School.

I see teachers who truly care about their students’ education and wellbeing. I see custodians who work hard to keep our school clean and running smoothly. I see smiling, cheerful cafeteria workers who prepare healthy breakfast and lunch for students daily. I see secretaries who have to juggle three things at one time and are courteous and kind to parents, volunteers, visitors and students.

I see an administrative staff consisting of our principal, assistant principal, guidance counselors, special education coordinator, nurse and discipline team work tirelessly to meet the needs of our student body. They often put in long hours every day to improve the quality of our school atmosphere.

I see dedicated bus drivers who safely provide transportation for our students. I see volunteer mentors that give their time unselfishly once a week to meet one-on-one with students. And, I see a student body that is striving to succeed.

Is our school perfect? No — perfection does not exist in any school, but I see a group of adults who work in different positions coming together as a team to give our students not only an excellent education but life skills, as well. Tests and grades are obviously very important; however, we also need to value the lessons being taught on how to handle real life issues. If we can equip our students with both they will surely succeed.

I love my job and sincerely care about the students and their families. Each day is a new experience for me and my fellow staff members. The reward of seeing our students succeed is why we do what we do. So, as we enter the new year of 2014, remember all the hard-working school staff throughout the entire Indian River School District. If you have the opportunity, let them know you appreciate the work they do. Thank you for your support.

Dawn “Dee” Butler, Guidance Secretary
Selbyville Middle School

DNREC’s integrity at stake with Pinnacle


The integrity of DNREC as a regulatory agency to uphold community standards requires immediate examination and scrutiny.

With this current debacle of the Pinnacle Foods complex remediation, Secretary O’Mara can no longer declare he is a proponent of clean environments for Delaware. Additionally, the allowance of more multi-source pollution in the Inland Bays is unacceptable. By their own report card, The Center for Inland Bays grades the swimmable and fishable coastal waters to be a D-plus.

Non-point source pollution from the needed 50 percent increase in local chicken production to supply Allen Harim will degrade the 600-square-mile watershed significantly. This industry will require disposal of wastewater (a NPDES permit) or a proposal for RIBs, a rapid infiltration basin which “recharges” the aquifer.

Given the lack of responsible evaluations of well water contamination presently, DNREC faces significant legal challenges from organized opponents.

Recent administrative oversight from EPA headquarters disavowed the attempt by Secretary O’Mara to transfer an expired NPDES permit to a non-conforming use for Harim Industries. The DNREC administrative process is hardly representative of fairness, transparency and accountability to cumulative impacts regarding public health and safety on this issue.

Furthermore in 2014, Delaware plans to re-write the Coastal Zone Management Act (CZMA), allowing for more industrialization of shorelines, and continue the permitting process for a new Rehoboth Beach ocean outfall (for municipal wastewater effluent) flowing directly into habitat for endangered and threatened species.

Violating Delaware Section 7 Administrative Codes, setting pernicious legal precedents and continual desecration of the coastal bays and oceans is all part of the future playbook for DNREC.

Gregg Rosner
West Fenwick Island

Shoemaker family offers thanks


Sarah and I, and the entire Shoemaker family would like to express our deep appreciation for all the love and support and prayers we have received upon the tragic and untimely passing of my husband, Glenn. This community has been amazing during this very difficult time.

Thanks to the many, many dear friends that have been there for us. Thanks to Justin’s Beach House and all of the amazing JBH volunteers, my Alpha Alpha Sorority sisters for all of your endless love, support and time, Mango’s and Alex Heidenberger for bringing the whole community together for us at this very difficult time.

Thanks to Contractors for a Cause for their generosity. Thanks to all of Glenn’s local hangouts for your love and support. Thank you to the St. Ann’s and Mariner’s Bethel church communities for all of your prayers and support.

Thank you to the entire Bethany Beach community. This is the most amazing place to live. We are so blessed to be a part of such a generous, loving and supportive community. We love each and every one of you.

Rosanne and Sarah Shoemaker
Bethany Beach

Thank you for helping Toys for Tots 2013


The First State Detachment Marine Corps League thanks all the individuals, families, merchants and media outlets for their continued support of our Toys for Tots program.

The 2013 Toys for Tots drive was a great success. Thanks to your generosity, hundreds of needy children in our area had a merry Christmas.

Your continued support for the Toys for Tots program is greatly appreciated.

Steve Siltman, Commandant
Jack Carey, Toys for Tots Coordinator
First State detachment,
Marine Corps League