Letters to the Editor — January 14, 2014

Reader encourages minimum wage hike


According to a recent article in the News Journal, a majority of 30 economists recently surveyed by the Associated Press asserted that the “growing gap between the richest Americans and everyone else isn’t just bad for individuals — it’s hurting the economy.”

They state that middle class pay has stagnated while wealthier households have thrived throughout the recession years. It seems that the rich get richer through higher pay, bonuses and investments, yet their spending does not translate into more spending in the economy. The ones who fuel the economy are the 80 percent of us in the middle and minimum-wage class who spend money on food, housing and the basic necessities. This is what creates jobs. The economy could better sustain its growth if the riches were more evenly distributed.

And what we also know is that jobs at the entry level are so low that many have to supplement their income with help from the government, in food stamps and Medicaid. If they earned a livable minimum wage for an honest day’s work, they would not need this supplemental help.

It is time that business pay a livable wage that rewards hard work and pays families enough to live with dignity with a roof over their heads, food on the table and affordable health care.

Besides, it is the right thing to do. Neither government nor business should neglect their responsibility to working Americans. Ask your legislators at the state and national level to support increasing the minimum wage.

Beth Doty
Rehoboth Beach

Reader thankful for honest people


I want to thank the individual who delivered my cell phone, which was lost, to my Collins Street, Bethany Beach, address. God bless you!

Michael Middendorf
Bethany Beach